How To Do Your Hair JUST Like Alix Earle

Alix Earle is the girl of the moment. In fact, she is the moment.

If you love Alix and her GRWM videos, hilarious personality and overall vibe, we're willing to bet you've also been following along on her hair journey. She's been bleaching her hair for quite some time, and if you, too, are a blonde, you know it takes some major upkeep. Whether you're a blonde yourself or just want your hair to look like Alix's, keep scrolling to find out how to do your hair just like Alix Earle.


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Step 1: Dry Hair With AQUIS Microfiber Towel ($50)

Once Alix has shampooed in the shower, she immediately wraps her hair up into a microfiber towel—more specifically, this one from AQUIS. Most towels tend to damage and cause breakage to the hair, but this microfiber one actually strengthens and reduces frizz all at once! You can also expect your hair to dry faster and look shinier, just like our girl Alix.

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Step 2: Apply K18 Molecular Repair Hair Mask ($75)

Once her hair has been up in the towel and she's ready to move on with her hair routine, she moves onto the K18 Molecular Repair Hair Mask. This mask was made with damaged hair in mind, and since Alix has bleach in her hair, it needs all of the love it can get. She leaves the mask in for four minutes, brushes through it and finishes up with the last step.

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Step 3: Style Using the Dyson Airwrap ($599.99)

To complete her hair look, after Alix has used a microfiber towel and the K18 mask, she applies a heat protectant and starts up her Dyson Airwrap. For this, she uses the blow dryer attachment and ensures her roots are dry and the rest of her hair is about 80% dry. Next, she changes to the barrel attachment and starts to create loose waves going away from her face. This gives the bouncy blowout look that she's known to rock.

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