How to Exude Halloween Vibes Without Wearing a Costume

Halloween is quite the divisive holiday.

While we love collecting candy and doing fun stuff with our friends, even just the thought of putting effort into a costume can be daunting.

So for those who just don't have the energy to do it this year, below are ways to exude Halloween vibes without wearing a costume:

Spooky Leggings

While these Halloween leggings are the perfect festive accessory for your next fitness class this month, you can wear them casually on Oct. 31 to get easily get into the spirit, without going overboard.

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Halloween Makeup

Halloween is a great time of year to dive into YouTube makeup tutorials and try fun things like this cool spider eye. Pair it with some matching nail art for a subtle nod to the holiday.

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Magical Accessories

Do you already feel like a unicorn every day?  Now you can show the world with this cute unicorn horn which can add a touch of cuteness (and semi-costume vibe) to any outfit.

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Superhero Tee

Superhero tees and accessories are perfect for Halloween, and as an added bonus, you'll also have an outfit ready for the next Batman movie premiere.

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A Cape

Add a cape, and suddenly you're Little Red Riding Hood or whatever else you want to be.  Wearing a cape is the ultimate powerful move. No one will question you if you have a cape.

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Halloween Kicks

These Vans add just the right amount of darkness to your wardrobe. Wear them to a haunted house or turn them into your go-to concert shoes year-round.


Now that you have your daily Halloween wardrobe down, click HERE to see what your go-to Halloween costume says about your personality.