What to Do When Your Parents Don't Like Your BFF

Your BFF is one of the most important people in your life..

This person knows all your secrets, they're a part of all your jokes and they're the one you want to hang out with most in your spare time.

But a major curveball is thrown your way when the other most important people in your life don't share the same sentiments.

When your parents just aren't fans of your bestie, this is a struggle for many reasons. But as people who have been there at some point or another, we can tell you you'll get through it.

It's easy to lash out at mom and dad, but instead, keep reading for five ways to handle your parents not liking your BFF:


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1. Give Your Parents a Chance to Voice Their Point of View

Your parents are supposed to be your No. 1 advocates, so in their minds, they are likely just looking out for you when they see apparent red flags in one of your relationships. Sure, their interpretation of your friend's behavior or the way your friend treats you could easily be misconstrued, but at least give them a chance to explain themselves. By completely shutting them out, you're only causing a family rift that could make an even bigger impact down the line.

Sit your parents down and chat amongst only the three of you, and if nothing else, at least agree to disagree. Giving them a chance to share their thoughts not only provides the possibility for you to change their way of thinking, but also shows them that even if you don't all see eye to eye, you have enough respect to hear them out.

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2. Don't Force a Reconciliation Upon Either Side

Want to make things even more awkward? Try forcing everyone together. If both sides don't genuinely seem up for a friendly ol' time, don't try to make it happen. Begging your parents to invite your bestie to your next family dinner will only cause them to roll their eyes—and your BFF, too, will sense that the invite isn't from the heart. Forcing this friendship down your parents' throat will only make them resent your BFF more.


3. Know That the Relationship Can (and Likely Will) Improve Over Time

As people who have been on all sides of the spectrum, we can tell you firsthand that there's a good chance things will improve between your parents and your BFF. Time and maturity (on both ends) will likely workout in your favor. As long as your friend keeps being the best friend they can be, there's really no excuse for your parents not to get over whatever's holding them back from accepting your friendship.


4. Assure Your BFF This Doesn't Affect How You Feel About Them

It's easy for a friend to get on the defensive when they feel disliked by your superiors. Although you're obviously put in a really tough spot here, assure your bestie that nothing has changed between you two. You still want to maintain respect for your family, but you also know you're in this best friendship for a reason—and as long as you truly feel fulfilled and respected in the relationship, then you should continue making your friend feel appreciated, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

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5. Think About What Can Be Done to Strengthen the Relationship

Not to say your parents are in the right with their disapproval, but hearing their side of the situation is at least a way to take a deeper look into your friendship. Are there things that stand out to your parents that you've naturally ignored? Maybe even little things like your friend is always obnoxiously loud when they sleep over, or they forget to take their shoes off despite being asked to each time. Or maybe it's something deeper like you're always complaining to your parents about how your friend did this or that, or they're still holding a grudge about the huge blowout you two had a year ago. Regardless of the concern, you should definitely use their feedback to strengthen the friendship so that your parents can no longer complain.


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