How to Make Your Summer Wardrobe Last Through the Fall

Just because the temperatures have started dropping doesn't mean you need to drop your summer favorites from your wardrobe rotation!

Before you put your tank tops back in your drawers where you won't see them again until spring, read on for some easy ways to make your summer wardrobe last through the fall.

Learn to Love Layers

Keep the chills away while keeping your cute look intact by adding easy layers on top of your favorite summer tops. Long cardigans are always a good investment to keep in your closet when the days start getting shorter and the weather starts getting cooler, as well as denim and (faux) leather jackets to add a bit of edge and warmth.

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Denim for Days

Mom jeans and dad jeans and skinny jeans, oh my! Denim takes many forms these days, and embracing all of them is a great way to make plenty of your summer pieces transition into fall. Think mom jeans with a cute crop top and layered cardigan, or skinny jeans (yes, they're still in style) with a chunky sweater—the options are virtually endless.

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Accessories on Accessories

While you might've dressed up a cute outfit with a bunch of necklaces or other weightless items during the summer, things like scarves, hats and cute gloves are quickly going to become your new go-to's. These items can help you keep your favorite summer pieces going before it's time to break out the winter coats and retire your lighter items until the days start getting longer again. When in doubt, you can always match your mask to your outfit (underrated benefit: it'll keep your nose warm when the cold air starts getting too much to bear).

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4. Boots Are Your New Best Friend

A good pair of boots can elevate any outfit while making it more seasonally appropriate, including everything from jeans paired with a cute top to a sundress. Chelsea boots are an item that's always good to have on hand, but even knee-high boots and other styles are great investments that will keep your feet warm and your look downright hot.


5. Florals Are for Fall, Too

Who says we need to put away the prints when autumn rolls around? Florals are forever, and so are any other prints and patterns that we typically associate with the warmer months. Just don't overdo it—try a floral top with basic black jeans and a neutral coat or a printed sundress layered with black tights and boots and keep the heavy accessories to a minimum to make these items work even when the leaves start crunching.


Still need a little more inspiration (or just an excuse to go shopping)? Keeping these tips in mind will stop from spending too much cash by working in some summer staples, but you can also explore some basic essentials your closet needs this fall by clicking HERE.