How to Prove to Your Parents You're Ready for a Car

Having your own car is one of the most liberating things in life.

You're no longer at the mercy of your parents, you can make your own plans and you can go at your own speed through life. But getting to that point isn't always as simple as we'd like.

Keep reading for how to prove to your parents you're ready for a car:

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Be Responsible With the Family Car

The best way to show your parents what your future car-owning self will be like by treating their wheels with respect. Have the car back by curfew, not a minute less. Keep it clean and do a quick safety check before you take off every time. If you want to go the extra mile and really impress the folks, give it a wash on the weekend and make sure the gas is never below half a tank. This will communicate that you can handle all of the responsibility that comes with your own ride.


Keep a Good Amount of Savings

One thing all drivers agree on is that cars are expensive. If you want to prove to your parents that you're ready for your own whip, you need to have a piggy bank that backs it up. Let them know you can chip in for car insurance or that you'd be able to handle a flat tire or tow. Keep a stash of cash and your parents are more likely to allow you a set of your own keys.

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Don't Ever Text and Drive. Ever.

Ask any parent with teen drivers and the number one worry they have is safety. Taking your eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, can cause irreversible damage. Don't wreck your chances of getting a car by sending a text. It can always wait. Put your phone on drive mode so it texts your friends automatically, letting them know you're at the wheel; or keep your phone in the glovebox or trunk. If your parent sneak a peek of you texting while driving, even just once, your chances of getting a set of wheels is doomed.

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