4 Ways to Treat Yourself for Making it Through 2021

Well, we've officially all made it through 2021, and it's safe to say we all deserve a round of applause for that.

Last year was interesting (to put it lightly), and didn't exactly go as planned for most of us. While it wasn't all bad and there's plenty to be happy about from the last year, 2021 was also full of curveballs and challenges that certainly took their toll. Now that we've entered into a new year with hopefully at least a little bit more optimism, it's time to set those resolutions aside for a bit and take up a treat yourself mindset just for a little while. Whether you had a great 2021 or a terrible one, it was pretty rough overall, so here are some simple ways to treat yourself for making it through:

1. Make a 2022 Vision Board

If you're the crafty type, it's time to break out the printer and glue sticks and go to town creating a 2022 vision board. Different people have different ways of making these, but in general the only rule is that you have to choose images and words that embody what you'd like to achieve over a certain time (in this case, 2022, or you can pick a specific season) and that the board needs to be placed somewhere you'll see it regularly. Choosing the images and creating the board is soothing in itself that it's a way to treat yourself, but achieving all the things you put up on it is even better.

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2. Buy That Top/Purse/Skirt/Etc. You've Been Eyeing for Ages

While retail therapy isn't always recommended (and certainly isn't the best form of therapy), saving up to treat yourself with one special purchase once in a while is absolutely a form of self-care. Just make sure that it's something you'll love, like that top you saw at Abercrombie last month and haven't stopped thinking about since, or maybe a pair of shoes that would just pair so well with your winter wardrobe, and try not to blow all your money on the purchase. Enjoy the experience of shopping and wear your new piece with pride, it's a treat after all!

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3. Have a Feast With All Your Favorite Foods

While Friendsgiving may have passed a few months back, there's never a bad time to host some of your closest friends and have a brunch or dinner party with all your favorites (even if it has to be virtual, but hopefully not). Can't cook? Don't worry, you're treating yourself, so feel free to order in and not feel bad at all about whatever food you get. 2021 was rough, so leave being stressed behind and choose desserts instead.


4. Have a Self-Care Day

Nothing says "treat yourself" quite like a bit of self care—whatever that may mean to you. Pick a day that you have off from school and/or work and simply dedicate it to the beauty (and necessity) that is self-care. Whether that means waking up early to do yoga and spend the day meditating, taking salt baths or sleeping in and watching your favorite shows all day with snacks in hand, self-care is what you say it is (although the first option is certainly a bit healthier, but there's no judgment here).

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For a little extra inspiration—and an excuse to go shopping with all that leftover Christmas cash—check out some self-care gifts to get yourself by clicking HERE, or a couple of self care-rituals that won't break the bank by clicking HERE. Honestly, with how intense last year was, why not treat yourself with both?