How to Write the Perfect Mother's Day Card

Buying your mom flowers or taking her out to the spa on Mother's Day is all sorts of sweet, but you know very well that nothing makes her heart skip a beat quite like a touching card—and not just any card.

While the inscription inside of a Hallmark greeting may sum up everything you've wanted to say, it's not the same as a note from the heart. We know that sometimes putting your thoughts to paper can be a daunting task, but with our help, it doesn't have to be.

Just include all the points below, and prepare to present your mom with the perfect Mother's Day card!

1. Acknowledge Your Fave Thing About Mom

Everyone's relationship with their mom differs, but regardless of where you two stand, there's sure to be a few positive things that set her apart from the rest. Whether she's the best at getting stains out of your soccer uniform, is always there for you, or owns the most enviable wardrobe of everyone you know, kicking off your card with an acknowledgement of something you admire about her is already setting the perfect tone. It can even be as simple as telling her how fun she is, or that your friends love coming to your house because your mom is the best. It really doesn't matter, as long as it's complimentary.

Amy Poehler as Regina George's mom in 'Mean Girls'

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2. Recall a Moment You Shared With Mom

Throwing in a cute anecdote of a time you and mom spent together is the perfect personal touch that she probably wasn't expecting. Whether it was catching the latest Marvel flick, or simply staying up late and talking about life, letting your mom know there's a recently shared moment that you deem special will make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


3. Thank Mom for Something She's Done for You

Mother's Day isn't just about celebrating mom, it's also about acknowledging the blessings she's brought your way. It can be something as big as bringing you into this world, or putting a roof over your head; or anything smaller, like buying you that new pair of jeans or sending you off to summer camp. Letting your mom know that you don't take her for granted shows she's raised a young lady who counts her blessings.

Cady Herron on Her First Day of School

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4. Note Something You're Looking Forward to With Mom

One of the hardest parts about seeing a special day or event come to a close is having nothing exciting on the immediate horizon. Assure your mom that, just because Mother's Day has come and gone, doesn't mean she has to wait another 365 days to do something special with you. Whether you have a fun movie hitting theaters soon, or there's a pre-planned trip on its way, let her know that you're not far from another shared bonding experience.


Now that you've got the perfect card out of the way, it's time to shop! But HERE's what not to get mom on her special day.