These Shoes From Hylete Are Equipped With 3 Interchangeable Insoles

I'm the sort of person who will wear a pair of running shoes to death, and I'm not even a runner.

I prefer walks, the Peloton, weight-training and the stair master to get my sweat sesh in. The only time you'll catch me running is to a sale at Bloomingdale's! And since the holidays are finally here, I planned on treating myself to a pair of brand new running shoes. But when Hylete offered to send me their new Circuit II Cross-Training Shoes, I couldn't resist. This kickass pair of shoes is fully equipped with three interchangeable soles, and after trying them out for the last month, I'm in love. Keep scrolling to learn more about the brand and the shoes themselves!

The Brand

Hylete is an activewear brand that offers men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories. For us gals, I love their collection of sports bras, leggings and shorts. Hylete's goal is to supply fitness-minded people with tools to make their workouts the best they can possibly be.


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The Shoes

Circuit II Cross-Training Shoe: $130

These days, sneakers can be super expensive, so at $130, I'd say it's a pretty fair and decent price—especially since the Circuit II Cross-Training shoe is so functional. Available in three colors including neo mint + white, eclipse grey + white and black + silver, there are plenty of options to choose from. I opted for the black + silver because I was looking for something more basic and that would go with all of my fitness clothes. I'm not the sort of person to show up to the gym in neon shoes—they're just not me!


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The fabric itself is made out of a breathable knit and the tongue is vented, which I appreciate since my feet tend to get sweaty if I wear shoes for too long. The heel of the shoes also caught my attention since they were made to be extra durable. Overall, the actual look of the shoes is super cute and pretty typical of a running shoe.

After removing the shoes and the three insoles from the packaging, I was excited to put them on and head over to the gym to test them out. That specific day, I was doing more low-impact training, so I chose to try out the "lift" insoles, which are great for stability and weightlifting. Throughout my workout, the shoes didn't bother me at all. It was only once I stopped moving that I noticed I was starting to form a blister on one of my heels. But that's to be expected with new shoes! Overall, I really liked the fit of the "lift" insoles and thought they would probably be the ones I use most often.


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Since I was dying to try out the other interchangeable insoles, I decided to do more of a HIIT workout the next day. This type of training is perfect for the "train" insoles, so those are the ones I wore! From deadlifts to jumping squats and more, I was so glad about my choice of insoles. They had just enough cushion to give me a nice landing when jumping and allowed for my feet to remain cramp-free. The "train" insoles had a nice bounce and I knew I'd want to put them on again for another day of HIIT.

After testing out the first two insoles, it was onto the third and final one. The "run" insoles are meant for more of a high-impact workout like running, but as I mentioned earlier, I am by no means a runner. However, I was determined to test these insoles out, so I took to the treadmill and did my best! I would run in spurts of 30 seconds, take a minute break, then run again. The insoles had even more cushion than the other two and I loved how it felt on my feet. And while the "run" insoles aren't meant for low-impact days, I'm sure I'll turn to these when I'm feeling particularly sore.


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Bottom Line

Overall, I'm very happy with my Hylete Circuit II Cross-Training Shoes! Not only are they cute, but they're great for all sorts of different workouts. If you're the sort of person who has to change your shoes depending on your workout for the day, I couldn't recommend these babies enough. You'll get tons of use out of them and won't be disappointed.


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