Hilarious Lines from I Want You Back to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

February is the month of rom-coms, and if you love stirring romance and hilarious comedies, you won't find a more perfect blending of the two than in the new Amazon Prime film I Want You Back.

Starring Jenny Slate and Charlie Day, the movie follows two friends who team up to destroy their exes' new relationships in order to win back their former loves. We love how funny and surprisingly tender the new flick is—and here are some of our favorite quotes from the movie that also double as Instagram captions.

For one of those moments where you realize you don't have things figured out at all:

"We're all just pretending that we know what we're doing, and we're hoping that we don't screw it up too badly."


I Want You Back: Emma and Peter having lunch

(I Want You Back via Amazon Prime)


For when your guy is being the ultimate cutie:

"Are you trying to be the cutest, sweetest, nicest boyfriend in the world? Because you're really winning."



For when you have no idea what's in the dish you're eating:

"It's protein adjacent."



For when you're newly single and planning to spend a lot more time on Instagram:

"I love being single! I'm really looking forward to it! All the apps, getting on all the apps!"



For the shot of you digging into a slice of pie:

"Pie's actually not that great. It's very—there's very limited options when it comes to pie."



For the pic of you and the friends who happily wallow in misery with you:

"We're each other's sadness sisters."


I Want You Back Movie Poster: Emma and Peter

(I Want You Back via Amazon Prime)


For when someone's being technical and not letting you have any fun:

"I mean, if you want to be like a scientist about it."



For the cute selfie that makes you want to talk yourself up:

"I think that you are somebody that a person could fall very deeply in love with."



For when you'll probably be single forever, and you don't mind that thought too much:

"Dying alone's actually pretty sweet, because you're all alone, and no one's bothering you."


I Want You Back: Peter and Anne

(I Want You Back via Amazon Prime)


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