Ice Cream Burritos Are the Newest Food Trend We're Obsessed With

We've seen (and eaten) plenty of amazing food trends over the years, but nothing could prepare us for the greatest creation of them all—ice cream burritos.

Invented by the genius people at Stax Cookie Bar in Irvine, California, their ice cream burritos are essentially rolled ice cream, just a whole lot better.

Appropriately called Creamritos by the dessert shop, the frozen treat consists of a thin layer of ice cream wrapped around more ice cream and garnished with some tasty toppings.

With flavors that like Cookie, Cajun Spicy, Sesame Sticks, Berry & Tea, Bacon Chocolate Chip and Ube, this dessert is anything but ordinary. We'll try one of each, please.

Though currently only in California, we hope this Stax goes global in the near future. After all, everyone deserves to sink their teeth into a Creamrito.


Not only are ice cream burritos a thing, but so are cotton candy burritos. HERE's where you can find them.