Ike Rhein Talks About Collaborating With Luh Kel and the Real Breakup Behind 'Messed It Up'

Hindsight really is 20/20, and that's the powerful message in Ike Rhein and Luh Kel's powerful new heartbreak anthem "Messed It Up."

The track, out today, Jan. 21, is as catchy as it is emotional, with both artists melding their genres and flawlessly working together to create something bigger than themselves. The heartfelt new single is about only understanding what went wrong in a relationship once it's over, and turning failed relationships into learning experiences. It's something we can all learn from—and we got the chance to chat with Ike Rhein about his first release of 2022 to find out what it truly means to him.

SH: What was the songwriting process for "Messed It Up"? Is the song based on a real breakup?

Ike Rhein: As far as the songwriting process, it really was just taking some past events, emotions, and putting them into a song. Yes, it's based on a real breakup.


SH: What's the biggest life lesson you learned from your own heartbreaks?

IR: I've learned to just protect my energy. Sometimes it's not worth it to keep a relationship going. We need to keep our energy protected and not spend it on silly arguments or toxic relationships.

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SH: What advice do you have for learning as much as you can from your relationships that don't work out?

IR: My advice is to always be who you are and keep your head up. No matter what happens, just keep yourself levelheaded and focus on your life goals.


SH: How did the collaboration with Luh Kel come about? What was it like to work with him on the track, and what do you think his voice uniquely lends to the song?

IR: It was very fun working with Kel. I think it was definitely a good combination. He adds so much to the song. I think coming from his R&B style and adding it to this mainly pop sound made the song even stronger and more unique.

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SH: What's your favorite lyric from the song? Why?

IR: "This fanatical love that we had, it ended oh so bad." I really like that line as so many people live in a fantasy. This is real life; people are not perfect in relationships.


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