These Relatively Unknown Instagram Dog Accounts Are More Than Worthy of a Follow

When life gets too ruff to handle, we paws everything and scroll through our Instagram feed.

Wouldn't that make us more stressed and irritated with what's going on? Not in the slightest. You know why? Because we only follow dog accounts, duh.

While you may follow plenty of you're own (we're guessing they're the likes of Doug the Pug and Marnie the Dog), there are even more pups that deserve you attention.

Whether you follow five or 5 million doggos on Insta, we bet you haven't met the relatively unknown puppers below. Keep scrolling to meet some of the cutest dogs you'll ever see!

Mister Barclay

There's nothing we love more than a dog who's always smiling, which is why we're utterly obsessed with Mister Barclay. This lil' Pomeranian pup isn't ever seen without the happiest of expressions on his sweet face. If seeing his muzzle in your feed doesn't brighten your day, we don't know what will.


Claude the Saint

This massive Saint Bernard is one big, lovable doofus. He's so fluffy and we can only imagine how fantastic of a cuddler he is, but we really love his silly facial expressions. See his snout on our feed reminds us why dogs are better than humans.


Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle

These two scruffy Brussels Griffons are truly something to marvel at. They're funny to look at (and we mean that in the most endearing way possible) and sport the cutest costumes. What more could you want from a pair of doggos like these?


Gouda Da Buddha

Senior dogs deserve love, too, which is why old man Gouda made it onto this list. After seeing his posts, you'll quickly realize he's your spirit animal. Why? Because he's always sleeping. Same, Gouda, same.

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Al'ma & Fabi

We've never seen more well-behaved or gorgeous dogs than this dynamic duo. They're both way more photogenic than we'll ever be, and they know a pretty impressive amount of tricks to boot. We can only dream of being as amazing as these puppers.

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Tyson the Corgi

Though he may look menacing with those furrowed brows, Tyson is a fluffy ball of cheerfulness. But don't get it twisted, he's definitely still judging you. Everybody loves Corgis, so if you're not following this floof, you're doing something wrong.

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How could you not follow this precious little baby? An American Akita, Kobe is a growing boy who just wants your love and attention. Is that too much to ask? We don't think so, and neither does Kobe. Start following him now to watch his journey from tiny pup to full-grown adult.

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Milly the Doodle

Staying active is a problem for many of us, but not for Milly the Doodle. She's always out frolicking in the fields with her friends. Following her will not only make you want to adopt a doggo that much more, but it'll inspire you to get outside and live. You never know what types of creatures you'll meet when you venture into the great unknown.


Gus the Bulldog

Gus the Bulldog is one rad pup. He oozes more coolness in his left paw than we do in our entire bodies. We'd love to chill with this dude one day, but until then, we'll be staying up to date on his life through his Instagram feed.

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