15 Instagram Captions for All Your Monday Posts

There's a good reason Monday is the most disliked day of the week.

Even so, every week in history has had a Monday, and every upcoming week will have one, too, so no matter how hard you try to avoid them, they're here to stay. That's precisely why we try not to let them get us too down. So, no matter how you're feeling about the day, here are some cute quotes to use as an Instagram caption for your next Monday post. After all, if you're going to have to suffer through a Monday, you might as well be collecting some likes along the way.


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For when you're wishing the weekend could be at least one day longer:

"I hate Mondays."



For that photo of when you're unable to get out of bed:

"Monday is great if I can spend it in bed."

– Arthur Darvill

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For when Saturday and Sunday absolutely flew by:

"I desperately need a day between Sunday and Monday."


For that photo of your mismatched outfit:

"Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays."

Office Space


For that photo when you just want to live your best life, even on a Monday:

"When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day."

– Ella Woodward

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For when you're starting the week off with a celebration:

"Why can't a Monday be as good as a Friday?"


For that photo of some much-needed caffeine:

"May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short."


For that photo of when you're ready to show the week who's in charge:

"New Monday, new week, new goals."


For that photo when you're not in the mood to go to school:

"Monday should be optional."

Boy and a School Bus
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For when you treat yourself to something that gives you a whole new perspective on your day:

"Who said Mondays have to suck?"


For that photo when you're feeling empowered:

"Do what you love and you'll never have a problem with Monday."


For that photo that shows some attitude:

"Don't mess with anybody on a Monday. It's a bad, bad day."

Harriet the Spy


For that photo when you're feeling optimistic:

"Even the best weeks start with Monday."

Girls Living Their Best Life
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For when you're actually really excited about what the week is about to bring:

"Monday is for people with a mission."

-Cristina Imre


For when you're not going to let a silly little thing like a Monday bring you down:

"Monday sets the tone for the week. Make it what you will."


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