Show Off Your Shag Haircut With These Instagram Captions

If you're considering getting a new 'do, we highly recommend doing your research on the new modern shag haircut.

It's all sorts of fun and amazing, and honestly anyone can pull it off—even if you have curly hair. The shag is meant to be a bit unkempt and even messy, which is why we love it so much. Plus, we're seeing celebrities get shags left and right, so you know it's good. If you have a shag haircut or plan on getting one soon, use one of the following Instagram captions to show off your hair.

For when you know people are going to DM you asking all sorts of questions about your hair:

"It's called a shag haircut, FYI."



For that before and after pic of your locks:

"Life is too short to have boring hair."



For when both you and your hair look a little out of control—in a good way:

"My hair is a little wild and free, like me."



For that photo of you and the thing you love most—your hair:

"Love is in the hair."


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For when you're clad in all leather:

"Channeling my inner rockstar."



For that photo of you looking bomb with your new 'do:

"When you go in for a trim and come out with a shag."



For when you have an identical haircut to Taylor Swift:

"I'm just trying to channel my inner Taylor Swift."



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