11 Playful Instagram Captions for Every Pic of Your Curly Hair

When your curly hair game is on point, nothing should stop you from taking the perfect pic and sharing it with the world.

Struggling to come with an Instagram caption to adequately communicate how you feel about your curls? Keep scrolling to find just the caption to complement your post.

For the photo parading your gorgeous natural hair:

"I keep my hair curly and natural because I really just wanna show who I am."

-Alessia Cara

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For when you wake up with completely flawless curls:

"My life may not be perfect, but my curls are."


For the pic with your voluminous hair taking up the entire frame:

"When your hair is 90% of your selfie."

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For when your hair is all about that bounce:

"Big hair. Big dreams."


For when you're achieving all your dreams with your hair in lovely curls:

"Who run the world? Curls."


For the photo collage showing off your curly locks in various stages of your life:

"Curly hair isn't a trend. It's a lifestyle."


For the pic from the get-together you were super tempted to pass up:

"My curls looked too good to stay in."


For when your tight, buoyant curls are all yours:

"Maybe she's born with it."


For the selfie you take when you look absolutely glowing (and your hair looks on point, too):

"My mood depends on how good my hair looks."

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For when you're having a big hair day:

"Sorry, I can't hear you over the volume of my hair."


For when your curls are getting a little out of control, but you look cute anyway:

"You can't control everything. Your hair was put on your head to remind you."


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