The Best Ways to Use Instagram to Support Your Favorite Charity or Cause

It's no small secret that we love Instagram.

It's awesome for hyping your most recent selfie and for showing off your awesome travel pics, but Instagram can also do so much more.

Like other social media platforms, Insta is the perfect place to show your support for or increase awareness of the nonprofit organizations, philanthropic efforts or social movements that are near and dear to you.

Keep scrolling to see how you can best use Instagram to support your favorite charity or cause.


Follow the Official Account

The most obvious way to show support for your charity or cause is to follow an account dedicated to them. Whether it's their official page or a page made by an active member of the community, following them lets them know that you stand with their cause and you want to know more about it.

Not only will it allow you easy access to information about events or other ways you can get involved, it will also up their follower count. And we all know follower count is of crucial importance in the Insta community.

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Post and Re-Post

One awesome way to get the news out about your charity or cause is to tell your followers all about it. You could screenshot a post from the official account discussing their mission, their current needs or any upcoming events and re-post it to your page to let your followers in on the action, or you could create a unique, personal post entirely dedicated to your cause.

Not only will a post make information readily available to your followers, it will also let your Insta fam know that this cause is important to you. Knowing that you are part of this effort could encourage people you know to get involved as well.


Use an Instagram Story

If creating an entire post dedicated to your cause sounds daunting, you can still get the word out through a quick Instagram story. Your story is an awesome place to post screenshots of flyers about your charity or information discussing their overall mission. It won't clog your followers' timelines with photos and it allows you to talk about a cause that's important to you.

You can also use Instagram stories while attending events focused on your organization. It's a great way to show your followers how much fun you're having in real time and encourage them to get involved.


Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag

When you create a post talking about your charity, be sure to use as many hashtags as you can think of that are related to your cause. Whether it's the name of the organization, one or two words describing what they do or a hashtag slogan specific to your charity, hashtags are a great way to align your Insta with other posts about the charity.

When people search those hashtags, your posts will pop up, showing your support to the whole world. You might even be put on the discover page, allowing people everywhere to learn about your important cause.


Like and Comment

While following your charity's Insta account is a good start, interacting with their posts is even more helpful. Liking their pictures and writing a short comment showing your support is an awesome way to let your charity know that you stand behind them.

Beyond that, the more likes and comments they get, the more likely their posts are to show up on suggested pages for other people. It's a simple thing to do and it takes very little time, but your interaction with their account could have an awesome impact on their follower base.


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