These Edgy, High-Fashion Dolls Give Barbie a Run for Her Money!

Barbie may be known as the "It Girl" in doll world, but these edgy figurines are giving her a serious run for her money.

Instagram users @rikkistar101, @c_u_l_u_r and @popovysisters each create their own intricate figures which perfectly embody what it means to be unique. Keep scrolling to see outstanding pieces of work from these three doll makers:


Dolls by: @rikkistar101

Her creations range from the quirky girl-next-door to the mythical nature goddess.

We're obsessed with this blue-haired babe. She has better fashion sense than we do.

And her ice queen-looking doll has us wanting to wear a flower crown year-round while chilling with our pet fox in a magical forest.


Dolls by: @c_u_l_u_r

She is truly an artistic talent when it comes to creating adorable faces for her dolls.

How could you ever be mad at anyone with a face as sweet as this? Just look at those bright blue eyes.

Her inventive face makeup may just be on her dolls for now, but we predict girls will etch these kinds of designs onto their faces IRL in no time.

Shimmies ???? #minifee #minifeejuri #bjd #culur #culurfaceups #faceup #faceupartist

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Dolls by: @popovysisters

These sisters handcraft some sick dolls that remind us of Lady Gaga. We're guessing Mother Monster would lose it if she saw them.

This little ballerina is far more hardcore than she appears. Her shoes are insane!

This fashionista is throwing all the fierce vibes our way. Is it just us, or does she bear a striking resemblance to Ariana Grande?


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