Show off the Dual Sides of Your Personality with Makeup's #2MoodsChallenge

Lime Crime Makeup and Dolls Kill have come together to create the #2MoodsChallenge on Instagram, asking makeup lovers everywhere to create a split-face look showing off the dual sides of their personalities.

While we're obsessing over all the makeup creations, we were more than impressed with these six looks:


1. Cosmic Queen

We're living for this absolutely stunning starry-eyed makeup.

2. Mermaid Meets Raven

Not only is the makeup so well done, the graphic design elements in the pic just give this look a little extra oomph.


3. When Darkness Turns to Light

We're kind of creeped out, kind of in love with this light versus dark-inspired beauty look.


4. Flower Power

Ok, those rhinestone freckles are too cute for our sensitive hearts. And the flower petal eyebrows are so innovative.

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5. Glitter It Up

The pink under-eye glitter that's happening here is about as fierce as Beyoncé. Why can't we wear glitter all the time?


6. Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

Witchy vibes are radiating off this look, proving you can be both a good witch and a bad witch at the same time.

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Staying on the theme of mind-blowingly gorgeous makeup, you have to see the insane lip art this makeup artist creates HERE.