These International Women's Day Gifts Are As Stylish As They Are Empowering

International Women's Day is March 8, and we think the perfect way to celebrate is by lifting other women up with gifts that inspire, as well as enlighten.

Looking to send positive messages to the powerful women in your life? Keep scrolling for a list of gifts we know they'll love.

I Am What a Feminist Looks Like Inner-Truth Journal ($16)

The first step to being truly empowered is checking in with yourself and trying to be your very best. That might sound daunting, but this awesome journal from Knock Knock makes it simple. Each day of journaling includes an inspiring quote and a place to write down how you're making yourself heard, plus a spot to document how empowered you're feeling on a scale of emojis. It includes a ribbon bookmark so you'll never lose your place and put you in the right frame of mind to speak out for women anywhere. Plus, it's a great reminder that you don't have to be any specific kind of person to become a tried and true feminist. And did we mention that all month long, Knock Knock is donating 51% of their proceeds to TIME'S UP?

Knock Knock: Feminist Journal

(via Knock Knock)


Great Quotes From Great Women ($12.77)

Not feeling as driven as you could be? Get a little push in the right direction from those who came before you, with Great Quotes From Great Women. Featuring the wisdom of amazing ladies from J.K. Rowling to Oprah Winfrey and Marie Curie, every page is designed to help you rise to any challenge life might throw your way. Plus, every single quote in this handy book doubles as an awesome motivational Instagram caption.

Amazon: Great Quotes From Great Women Book

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Patriarchy Tote ($20)

This is the perfect gift for an empowering a gal who's always on the go. It's a heavy-duty tote that's just the thing for lugging around whatever stuff you need to lift women up and be the strongest version of yourself—and the design is super cute, too. It's for fighters, so we don't think you'll have much trouble finding the perfect recipient for this gift.

Emily McDowell: Patriarchy Tote

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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Postcards ($14.69)

This lovely postcard set is a gift that keeps on giving, which speaks to the true meaning of International Women's Day. It consists of 50 gorgeously illustrated postcards highlighting 50 rebellious and influential women from history, complete with quick bios to get you up to speed on why each and every one of them matters. The postcards are grouped into "Creators," "Leaders," "Pioneers," "Champions" and "Warriors," and every one of them is a major inspiration. Whether you want to hoard them all to yourself or surprise the people you love with these artful cards, they're absolutely worth checking out.

Amazon: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls postcard set

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Bad Girls Throughout History ($19.95)

Every girl should have a library packed with uplifting books, and Bad Girls Throughout History deserves its spot on their shelves. The book features the stories of 100 groundbreaking women, from ancient history up to today, who broke the rules of the time to pave the way for the rest of us. These ladies resulted in some big changes in the way we all live, and it's worth knowing every one of their names.

Chronicle Books: Bad Girls Throughout History

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'Nevertheless, She Persisted' Bar Necklace ($13.99)

This gold-plated necklace is a wearable reminder that nothing can stop you. It reads "Nevertheless, She Persisted," a phrase adopted by powerful women everywhere to express the importance of always being persistent in the face of adversity. Seeing it in the mirror will help you know to keep going, no matter who's trying to hold you back and keep you quiet.


Amazon: Nevertheless, She Persisted Bar Necklace

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Persistethyst ($12)

Persistence is the word this International Women's Day, and this adorable magnetic pin is designed specifically to hone and funnel your feminist energies into doing something incredible. It'll allow you to endure when people don't take you seriously, and it'll show people what you're truly made of. It also comes with a Persistethyst greeting card that's perfect for passing along the empowerment.

Emily McDowell Persistethyst Fantasy Stone

(via Emily McDowell)


Feminist Sticker Roll ($10.99)

What's the point of being driven to take over the world if you keep all of that momentum to yourself? This pack of incredibly empowering stickers makes sharing the love easier than ever. This pack of 504 speakers, complete with phrases including, "the future is female," "behind every successful woman is herself" and "fight like a girl," is ideal for sticker bombing and for spreading a quick burst of motivation with the ladies you care about most.

Amazon: Feminist sticker roll

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The Nasty Woman Game ($18.99)

Not enough card games are all about celebrating important girl icons, making the Nasty Woman Game a must-play. It's a cute, quirky strategy game that's all about fighting the patriarchy, with the goal of collecting as many cards of incredible women, including Beyoncé, Susan B. Anthony and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as possible. You might even learn a thing or two as you play, which is always a plus in our book.


Penguin Random House: Nasty Woman Feminist Playing Card Game

(via Penguin Random House)


This Day in Women's History 2020 Calendar ($14.99)

Every day should be about celebrating and uplifting women, and it's never too early to start thinking about how you'll do that in the upcoming year. This cute boxed calendar may not technically come out until July 1, but there's no better way to learn about 365 incredible women who changed the world.

History Channel: This day in Women's History 2020 calendar

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