Baby Ariel Answers All Your Burning Questions

Baby Ariel is about to be pop music's next big thing.

The superstar (she has 20 million followers on the app) has officially landed with her single "Perf." With a sound that's equal parts bubblegum sweet and dance floor sassy, Baby Ariel is perfectly poised to transition her social influence to the mainstream.

We caught up with the rising superstar to learn all about her journey!


(Photo Credit: Baby Ariel)

Sweety High: You've been a star on pretty much from the beginning. Did you have any idea how far the app would take you in your career?

Baby Ariel: I had no idea at the time! was an app my friends and I started using to make fun videos and share them just with each other. I'm so grateful though that things have turned out this way.  I've met such amazing people, had so many great experiences, and am now pursuing so many things that I'm excited about.


SH: Your new single "Perf" is a total bop. Can you tell us how this song came about?

BA: I've always journaled and written poetry, but songwriting is a new thing for me. So I've been lucky to have a team to collaborate with as I develop my skills as a singer and songwriter. Kind of like "Aww," "Perf" is about the exciting, bubbly feeling you have when you're totally crushing on someone at the beginning of a relationship. But it's also about having enough self-respect to know who you are, and being confident about what you want and what you expect in a relationship.


SH: Do you consider yourself a normal teenager? How do you maintain a personal life with 8 million followers?

BA: I am a normal teenager. I like to have fun, be goofy, hang out with my friends. I love being outside, watching movies, listening to music, and writing in my journal. I have insecurities and sometimes want to stay in bed all day. I have crushes—then get my heart broken, then get a new crush. I think I'm like any other kid.

Some teenagers are passionate about sports. Some are really into Drama or Debate or Band or DECA. My passion has always been to create music, videos and write. I've been so fortunate that other kids find what I create relatable. Nothing makes me happier than connecting with other teenagers and knowing that in some way, I might have put a smile on their face or let them know that whatever tough time they're going through, I've been through something like that too.


SH: Like many influencers, you've dealt with your share of online haters. How do you handle bullying?

BA: Ignore it! If anyone is bullying you online, remember, they have the problem, not you.  So don't ever take it personally.  In a way, I'm lucky because most of the hate I get is from people I don't know and that I'll never meet. So it's easy for me to ignore. But I know a lot of kids get bullied by other people at their school and that can be really hurtful and make you feel alone. Just remember that you are special, and that I love you. Keep doing you. One day, I promise, the people who are bullying you now will not be in your life, so keep doing you because you have something special to share that the world is waiting to see.


SH: If you had to pick just one: eyelashes, nails, or earrings?

BA: Ahh! Okay, I hope I don't ever have to choose, but definitely not nails.  They are way too difficult to maintain. I love my big hoop earrings, but right now, I'm really into having long eyelashes. I was telling my friend that I almost feel naked when I have to walk outside without them! But that might change if you ask me next week.


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