These Free Apps Will Ensure You're Always in the Know

Ever been caught in a sitch where you're sitting amongst a group of friends, they're chatting about something that happened in the news and you have no clue what they're talking about?

It's the worst. Prevent that from happening by downloading one of these five free news apps that will keep you in the know about all things and at all times.

1. Clover

Screen shots from Clover app

(via Clover)

Why you should download it: The Clover app is the ultimate news destination for teen girls. The fun layout and easy-to-read format makes consuming story after story easy and enjoyable. The topics are always interesting and will keep you feeling well-informed. Bonus: They have a bunch of other fun reads within the app like wellness stories and amazing career advice. We could spend hours on this thing!


2. Apple News 

Screen grabs from Apple News Apps

(via Apple)

Why you should download it: Get this, the app is already preloaded onto your phone if you have an Apple iPhone, so half the work is already done for you. All you have to do is open it up. What's amazing about this news source, is that it allows you to handpick your fave news outlets and select which topics and channels you want to appear in your feed. It's a great way to streamline all of your content into one place, and it's super digestible! You can read the whole feed in the amount of time it takes your bus to get to school.


3. Flipboard

Screen grabs from the news app "Flipboard"

(via Flipboard)

Why you should download it: Flipboard is like Instagram for news. Could there be anything better? Essentially, you click on stories you like and add them to your feed for your friends to see. You can rack up followers, and gain likes just by sharing content! You can even start group conversations by sharing news with your fam and friends.


4. Pocket

Screen grabs from the news app "Pocket"

(via Pocket)

Why you should download it: We're busy girls. Sometimes we see and hear about things, but don't have enough time to read the content we want when we want to. Pocket allows you to save up stories so you can read them when it's convenient for you. The best part is that you don't need wifi to read the articles later. Score.


5. Nuzzel: News from Friends and Influencers

Screen grabs from the news app "Nuzzle"

(via Nuzzel)

Why you should download it: You'll always have something of interest to talk about with your besties, because with Nuzzel you'll be able to see exactly what their reading and sharing on their social networks. This app gives you a feed that updates you when your friends comment or share a story they like. How could you ever have a dull convo if you know exactly what interests them?


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