We Never Knew Siri Could Do These Amazing Things?

It looks like we have a new Siri in town and her name is Viv!

iPhone on top of a pink iPad case

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Yesterday, Siri's creator, Dag Kittlaus, showed off the new artificial intelligence program named Viv in a live presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt NY.

Essentially, Viv is a voice-controlled assistant that is expected to do everything Siri can do and more! We can't wait for it to be released so we can ask it our most absurd questions.

Until then, here are eight uh-mazing things you might not have known Siri can do for you:


1. Have Siri call you whatever nickname you want.

If you prefer Siri to call you by your nickname, you totally can! Go to the "Contacts" icon, scroll to your name and tap edit. In the field that says "Nickname," write out what you want Siri to call you! Tap done, and you're good to go.

Siri on iPhone calling me Princess Brittney


2. Get Siri to speak to you in a super cool accent. 

Go to the "Settings" icon on your phone and then click "General." Select "Siri," and then look for the option that says "Siri Voice." From there, you can decide whether Siri is American, Australian or British, and you can pick if Siri is male or female! How cool is that?

Instructions for how to make Siri speak in an accent


3. Ask Siri to show off her mad beatboxing skills. 

If you simply say "Beatbox," Siri will respond with a little beat. Seriously, try it out!

Jammin' with Siri ? #bootsandcatsallday

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4. Search for photos based on time and location.

This feature is perfect for when you don't want to scroll for days for that pic you took months ago. Looking for a selfie you took New Year's Eve? Just ask!

Image from iPhone of Siri helping you locate a photo

(via Apple)


5. Have Siri make tough decisions for you. 

If you're having trouble making a difficult decision, all you have to do is have Siri make it for you! Simply say, "Siri, flip a coin." Score.

Asking Siri to flip a coin


6. Ask Siri to find airplanes above you.

Because, why not! Just ask your iPhone, "What planes are overhead?" and you'll get all the deets.

Siri can find airplanes above you

(via Yahoo Tech)


7. Ask Siri to read you a haiku. 

Needing a little poem to get you through the day? Siri has you covered! Just ask your phone to read you a haiku, and you'll be sure to get an interesting response.

Siri reading a haiku


8. Make Siri be your Magic 8 Ball. 

Siri can totally predict the future. All you have to do is start a sentence with "Hey Siri 8 ball," and you can have any question answered! ?

Asking Siri an eight ball question


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