These 7 Instagram hacks will maybe blow your mind and definitely change the way you use the app.

Yellow Instagram Image

1. Add Instagram Filters To A Picture Without Having To Post It

Instagram Hack - Saving Pictures With Filters

There are soo many different apps to edit pictures now, but every once in awhile we still rely on one of Insta’s classic filters (shout out to Valencia and Lo-Fi!). Did you know that you can edit a photo and have it save in your camera roll without actually having to post it? All you have to do is switch your phone to airplane mode, go into Insta, select a filter, and BOOM, the filtered photo is automatically saved on your phone.


2. See What Your Friends Are Liking
Instagram Hack For Who You're Following

If you’re curious what your besties are liking and looking at on Insta, then this is one of the more obvious (but definitely forgotten) features that you’re probably gonna wish you started using yesterday. When you open up Instagram go to your “Activity” page and at the top switch it over from viewing “You” to viewing “Following.” You now know EVERY little embarrassing meme or pic your friends are liking. You’re welcome?.


3. Switch Between Multiple Accounts Quickly

Instagram hack adding an acount

If you’re just slightly obsessed with Insta, there might be a chance you have a couple of accounts. Maybe one for you, one for your cat, and one just to post pictures of donuts. We won’t judge. This is the perfect hack for you because you can now log onto all of your accounts at the same time, #blessed! While on your main page, click the options button in the top right-hand corner and scroll down and click “Add Account.” You’ll be asked to enter the username of your second account. Do that! Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the profile picture of the account you’re using in the bottom right corner. SUCCESS.


4. Remove Tagged Photos Of Yourself

Insta Hack Remove Tag

It’s OK, we all have days we’re not exactly on fleek, and we all have pictures we just would rather not be seen by anyone. Ever. If you go into your profile and click on the far right icon above your pictures it will take you to all of the photos you’re tagged in. Click on a picture you’re not necessarily feelin’, tap on it once (to show the tags), and then click on the tag with your handle. It will give you the option to hide that picture from your profile. Crisis averted!


5. Turn On Post Notifications For People You Can’t Get Enough Of

Instagram Hack For Post Notifications

If you want to know what your bestie or fave celeb is up to literally every moment of the day on Insta, this hack will change your life for the better! Basically you can have push notifications sent directly to your phone so you know the exact moment they post a video or pic. It’s super easy, all you have to do is go to the profile page of the person you want to get notifications for, click on the icon in the top right corner that looks like three dots, and then click “Turn on Post Notifications.” You’ll never miss liking one of their posts again!


6.  Send Photos In Private Messages

Direct Messages Instagram Hack

If you’re not already talking to your friends using Instagram’s direct messaging, then you’re not actually living. It’s our fave thing because it takes away the extra steps of having to screenshot pics we like and send them in a text. If you see a pic you just have to show your bestie, all you have to do is click on the little arrow directly underneath the picture next to the like and comment buttons. You then have the option to send to anyone you want and have a whole conversation in Insta’s direct messaging space. How cool is that??


7. Easily Respond To A Comment

Instagram Hack For Commenting Faster

We’re sure you’re already aware that if you want someone to see when you respond to their comment, you have to tag them in your reply. It’s reallllllyy not hard. But we found THE ultimate lazy girl hack so you can respond even faster to all your comments. Just lightly tap the handle name of the person you’re replying to and Instagram will instantly take you to a new screen where the handle is already copied for you! EASY. No excuses for you not to reply to all your friends now!


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