5 Items From Kendall And Kylie's Mobile Game You Can Get IRL

Since your character in Kendall and Kylie's mobile game is essentially you, we thought it was important for you to know that many of the items you can buy for your character you can actually purchase for yourself. Definitely the best thing we've ever learned!


1. PacSun Collection

Kendall Kylie PacSun collection mobile game

(via Bustle)

Their PacSun collection on the app is what dreams are made of. But it's even better knowing we can purchase these clothing items in the actual PacSun stores.


2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses Collage in Kendall and Kylie Mobile Game

(via Claire's)

We are obsessed with all the adorbs sunglasses our character can wear in the game, so we obviously had to find some we could wear IRL. Claire's has so many similar sunglasses that range from $9 – $13.


3. Shoes

Kendall and Kylie shoes in app

(via Forever 21)

We are living for all the shoes we can purchase for our character. We need every single pair of shoes in that game in our closet right now! Lucky for you, we found some similar pairs at Forever 21 ranging from $20 – $35.


4. Nail Polish

Kylie's SinfulColors collection

(via Fashionista)

Obviously you can buy nail polish for yourself, this isn't anything new. But did you know Kylie has her own nail polish line? Yep, she does and we are even giving all 20 colors in that collection.


5. Lip Kit By Kylie

Kylie Lip Kit in app and True Brown K lip kit

(via Bustle + Snupps)

Your character in the game is super lucky, because they get to use Kylie's lip kit. We know they're incredibly difficult to get your hands on, which is why this next part is going to make your day. We are also giving away a lip kit! You're welcome.


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