We Dare You to Find a Loungewear Brand Comfier Than Jambys

If you're anything like me, you've fully embraced the notion that if you're going to be stuck at home all of the time, you might as well dress as comfortably as possible.

For the first time in my life, sweatpants and sweaters have pretty much become my daily uniform—and even then, sometimes I wonder if there's a way I could get even comfier. That question became even bigger in my mind when I stumbled upon Jambys and their "performance activewear" on Instagram.

I was immediately drawn in by the concept, and the look of their house shorts, and when I reached out to the brand, they generously allowed me to try one of each of their four main items. Suffice it to say, I'm now obsessed—and here's why you will be, too.

The Brand

Jambys is a brand made specifically for nights in—and with the current state of the world, we've been having more and more of those. Their unisex shorts, tees, pants and hoodies are made with a 95% siro micro modal and 5% polyester blend that makes for a ridiculously soft, breathable and comfy fabric, but that's not all. Their items also come in uniquely vibrant color combinations that are super fun to mix and match. They're also machine washable, and if you get the wrong size, the brand is more than happy to make exchanges for a size that will be a better fit. I also had an issue with a pair of shorts I received, and the brand was more than happy to replace them.

Instagram @jambys shorts

(via @jambys)


The Clothing

Jambys: $35

Jambys shorts are the brand's signature item, and for good reason. They're like super buttery boxer shorts, but they're thick enough so as not to be too revealing to wear out and about if you feel like it, and they have deep pockets on both sides. I'm not quite sure why my go-to mode of measurement has become a soda can, but yes, these shorts can help you tote two soda cans anywhere hands-free.

After receiving these ridiculously breathable and stretchy shorts, they're basically all I want to wear around the house, and I seriously don't own any bottoms that are more comfortable. However, because Jambys is a unisex brand, they don't make their clothing in super small sizes. I usually wear about a size 27 in jeans, and extra smalls fit me well, with a bit of extra room, so if you're on the very petite side, the brand might be a bit big for you. Even so, you might want to try them anyway to luxuriate in the comfiness.

Jambys mint and navy shorts

(via Jambys)


JamTee: $47

The JamTee is a T-shirt built with the same soft and luxurious feel as the shorts. It's lightweight, but not so thin you won't want to wear it out, with a breathable feel and all the stretch you could want. It's also designed specifically not to ride up when you sit, which is perfect for Zoom calls and schooling from home. I do have to say the way the shirt hangs on me is not the most flattering (maybe I should have gone for an extra small rather than a small?) but I really don't care because it's just that comfortable. After all, feeling good looks good. It's also rare for me that a shirt seems just as appropriate for wearing out as it does for wearing to bed, but this does exactly that, and I have to appreciate that versatility.

Jambys JamTee gray and lavender

(via Jambys)


Long Jambys: $73

If you're not exactly a shorts person but still want the comfort of Jambys, these sweatpant-like Long Jambys will be exactly what the doctor ordered. They're made out of the same cushy-yet-light material so that your skin can breathe even when your legs are fully covered. These also come with a drawstring for extra security, and the same deep pockets I've come to love on the short Jambys. As it gets cooler and cooler, I'll definitely be wearing these more, and I honestly can't wait.

Long Jambys navy and mint

(via Jambys)


House Hoodie: $79

Last, but definitely not least, is the house hoodie, which works as the perfect complement to either the Jambys or Long Jambys, and can also be layered over the JamTee to maximize comfiness. Again, it's made out of the same smooth, cloud-like material, to keep you warm and cozy (but not overheat you) when the temperatures start to dip outside. It also has a hood with a drawstring for those times you want to sequester yourself from the world, plus a wide kangaroo pocket for storing whatever you like, and it will make you feel so cozy when you nestle up inside of it.

I will warn you that it is very wrinkle-prone, so if you want it to look pristine, you'll probably want to hang it in the closet after every wear. Since I primarily wear it for lounging, the wrinkles don't bug me a bit. Who cares when I'this snug?

Jambys house hoodie lavender and mint

(via Jambys)


Bottom Line

I don't think I own a single item that's comfier than the four Jambys products I own, and since acquiring them, I've probably worn them a little too often. You won't find a softer material on pretty much any article of clothing—but that does come at a cost. The price for all four items is definitely on the higher side for basics, and whether it's worth the price will be up to you and your budget. Personally, I think the prices feel just right.


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