Everything You Wanted to Know About Adventure Time Star and VINTAGE Singer Jeremy Shada

Whether you know and love Jeremy Shada from his work voicing Finn on the cult classic Adventure Time or as a member of the band Make Out Monday, he'definitely man crush-worthy.

Lately, the star has been making music on his own as a solo artist, and we cannot get enough. With incredible tracks like "Pretty Little Lies" and "This Feels Right," he's quickly won our hearts all over again. He also released his debut album, VINTAGE, last weekend and if you haven't listened yet, it's a necessity. To celebrate, keep reading and discover all of the reasons he's our latest Man Crush Monday.

Jeremy Shada Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Bernardo Noguiera)

Name: Jeremy Jaden Shada

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Birthday: January 21

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Fun Facts:

1. Jeremy can't get enough of fall weather.

"Getting to wear a light jacket is one of my favorite things."

-Jeremy Shada

2. History was always his best subject in school, and he still loves learning about it. But…

"Oof! Math and I never got along."

-Jeremy Shada

3. He'd love to become a better guitar player—and to get better at Fortnite!

4. He says he's unexpectedly good at vocal impressions.

"One of my wife's favorite things is when we go through the drive-thru and I do goofy voices."

-Jeremy Shada

5. In just one word, he'd describe himself as a dork.

6. Dogs are his favorite animals.

"My entire explore page solely has dogs on it! They're my favorite because we have two, named Finn and Jake. In all seriousness, having a cute, fluffy and loyal companion is the best!"

-Jeremy Shada

7. After a tough day, he likes to relax at home with family by either playing a card game or watching a TV show.

8. Blue is his favorite color.

"I just like the color and I look good in it!"

-Jeremy Shada

9. His favorite Marvel hero is Spider-Man, and his favorite DC hero is Robin.

10. He dropped his debut album, VINTAGE, on Oct. 1.

"The entire idea behind VINTAGE is that it portrays a vintage relationship in the modern world—a love life full of ups and downs, but ultimately, at the end of it all, there is something so beautiful and classic. A love that makes life worth living."

-Jeremy Shada

11. Jeremy says he's never been good at talking about himself.

"But I guess one thing that I would want fans to know about me is I'm authentic. Everything that I put out on social media is authentically me. I love my family, job and making the occasional dad joke!"

-Jeremy Shada


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