25 Confident Lyrics From K-Pop Sensation Jessi to Use as Your Next Instagram Captions

Jessi is one of the most compelling K-pop idols of this generation, with her incredible rapping talents matching her vocal ability.

She always delivers dynamic performances and has some of the best collaborations in K-pop, including her most recent one with KANG DANIEL titled "Don't Tell."

She doesn't take crap from anyone, knows her worth and exudes confidence in every way—and on top of all that talent and good music is an incredibly likable and simply hilarious person, which is why we think her lyrics make perfect captions for Instagram

For when you know you look good:

"Who you callin' unpretty?"

-"Spirit Animal"


For when you know you're the main topic:

"They talk about me."



For a selfie moment:

"Look into my brown eyes."

-"Cold Blooded"


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For the haters:

"They love to hate me, cause I keep it real y'all."

-"Who Dat B"


For when you're reaching for your goals:

"Road to success but my vision foggy."


For when you prove your doubters wrong:

"They want me to fail, just got a check in the mail."



For showing your hard work pays off:

"Steady on my grind all day."



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For a Birthday post:

"Celebrate like my birthday."

-"Put it on ya"


For when you're in your favorite outfit:

"I'm feelin' like a million bucks."



For a workout post:

"Never call it quits."

-"9ucci Remix"


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For when you find your true love:

"You are the only one for me."

-"My Romeo"


For enjoying your success:

"Winning is my vitamin."



For when you know your worth:

"They gave me second place, how am I still winning?"

-"Spirit Animal"

For when you're tired of fake friends:

"I'm sick of all these phonies."



For a basketball reference:

"That ice in my vein."

-"Cold Blooded"


For when you want to give yourself credit:

"Cause I'm self made, ain't nobody ever made me."



For a post featuring you on your phone:

"Yeah, Siri, can you block that?"



For when your dreams start becoming reality:

"My destiny, I manifested."


For when you're telling facts only:

"And I speak nothing but the truth."



For a post that you know will draw attention:

"I know you're hypnotized."

-"What Type of X"


For when you just won something:

"I'm the best and I just proved it."



For when you want people to have faith in you:

"No, I won't let you down."



For a stylish airport pic:

"Stackin' mileage while I'm stylin'."

-"Who Dat B"


For when you like someone:

"You make me crumble, crumble, crumble."



For a weekend girls' trip:

"The weekend is my girls' night."



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