The new Nickelodeon TV movie Jinxed starring Ciara Bravo and Jack Griffo premieres tonight!Jinxed

In the movie, Ciara plays Meg Murphy, a member of the cursed Murphy family.

“Her family has been cursed with bad luck for 100 years,” Ciara explained in a recent interview with Sweety High. “The family motto is ‘If anything bad can happen, it will happen.’”

A century before the events of the film, a witch left a curse on the Murphy family for the rest of eternity, leading the Murphys to live in a constant state of mishaps and misfortune.

“If there’s any chance of me surviving high school, having a normal life, and helping my family survive, I have to reverse the curse like yesterday,” Ciara’s character Meg says in a trailer for the movie.

We can’t wait to check it out when it airs tonight at 7pm!

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