JJ Totah Speaks Out Against Bullying In Vlog!

J.J. Totah stars as Stuart Wooten on Disney Channel's Jessie, and he's super passionate about supporting Bullying Prevention Awareness Month is October!jj totah antibullying post

J.J. recently uploaded a video speaking out against bullying to his JJManiacs around the world. In the video, he discussing his own experiences with bullying, and how no one should ever have to be bullied!

He takes a strong stand against bullying, explaining why no one should ever be judged for being who they are, and the negative impact bullying can have on our lives. Instead, we should embrace our differences and spread the word to stop bullying!

We are definitely with J.J. in rallying together for Bullying Prevention Awareness Month! Lucy Hale, Raini Rodriguez and many more have also joined in!

Join our anti-bullying community at Sweety High, and for more on J.J. and Jessie, check out the interviews listed below!