John Kelly Chocolates' Edible Skulls Make the Perfect Spooky Halloween Treat

One thing I absolutely love about Halloween is the sheer creativity from the biggest candy and confectionary brands during the season.

And while I very much appreciate treats in innovative and spooky flavors, I especially love when brands take advantage of haunting and festive shapes. This year, I don't think anyone is doing that better than John Kelly Chocolates.

The premier chocolate brand is known for many of its unique treats, but it's their chocolate skills that really caught my eye this year. When the team behind the brand offered to send me some skulls to try for myself, I jumped at the opportunity, and here's what I discovered.

The Brand

John Kelly Chocolates started in 2004 as a small chocolate factory in Hollywood but has grown over the years into a recognized national name with award-winning offerings. They began with their original recipe for "truffle fudge" and now make 19 fudgey variations, but soon grew to contain all kinds of chocolate treats. They're now sold everywhere from department stores and gift shops to specialty shops and grocers, and for good reason.

Each year for Halloween, that includes spooky molded chocolate skulls available in both dark and milk chocolate. I was sent both to sink my teeth into.


The Skulls

5 Piece Solid Milk Chocolate Skulls: $12.50

From the second I saw these small chocolate skulls in their container and wrapped up in a hand-tied black bow, I couldn't wait to bite into one. Each beautiful and finely molded little milk chocolate skull came in its own individual cup and was over half an ounce of solid chocolate—none of that hollow chocolate Easter bunny nonsense here. Not only are these skulls hefty, but they have a nice snap when you bite into them, which is the sign of well-tempered chocolate. And, of course, the milk chocolate is fabulously creamy and rich, too. As easy as these were to eat, I bet they'd also make an awesome complement to a sweet Halloween spread or spooky grave yard-themed cake.

John Kelly Chocolates Milk Chocolate skulls

(via John Kelly Chocolates)


Day Of The Dead Skull: $11

The Day of the Dead Skull, which only comes in dark chocolate, is larger than the mini skulls but has even more impressive detailing on all of the aspects of the face. This 2.1 oz. vegan treat is 73% dark chocolate, lending it a hint of delicious earthy darkness without ever being too bitter. While this larger chocolate skull might not be quite as versatile as the smaller one for sprucing up other Halloween treats, the design is so fun, and I happened to love the dark chocolate flavor even more than the milk.

John elly Chocolates day of the dead skull

(via John Kelly Chocolates)


Bottom Line

I can't really think of anything better for Halloween than chocolate skulls, and these John Kelly Chocolates skulls set the bar very high. They look amazing, aren'too expensive and have a great chocolate taste you'd expect from a high-end chocolatier. If I have to make one complaint, it's that these skulls are almost too cool-looking to eat! I'd also love to try chocolate skulls with fun fillings like truffle, caramel or peanut butter, but that's just me—and who's to say they won't have them in the future?


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