This Chicken Is More Talented Than You'll Ever Be

America's Got Talent kicked off their new season and the auditions are anything but generic.

We've been watching the show religiously and have been pleasantly surprised by how many amazing auditions there've been so far. But there's one in particular that really blew us away.

Allow us to introduce you to the piano-playing chicken Jokgu.

Though his audition started off a bit rocky, he squashed all doubts that he's more musically talented than we'll ever be with his rendition of "America the Beautiful."

Jokgu isn't just a one-song chicken, however.

He performed "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" on Jimmy Kimmel Live last month and it was music to our ears.

We have no doubt Jokgu will go far on the show, but the real question is would he be open to giving us a piano lesson? Here's hoping!


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