TikTok Star Kelsi Davies on Being a Medium, Haunted Dolls and Her New Single 'Heartbeats'

If you're into the paranormal, you have to be following medium and psychic Kelsi Davies on TikTok.

While Kelsi's funny skits and fabulous choreo are par for the course on the platform, her supernatural content is anything but. She often uses her channel to show her connecting with spirits, and to show us all that the paranormal doesn't always have to be frightening and evil. She even has a haunted doll, Lola, whom she talks to regularly.

And that's not all. She's also a musical artist, who recently released a single and music video for an original song called "Heartbeats"—and of course, the video features Lola. We got the chance to connect with Kelsi and learn all about her mediumship, her music and so much more.

Sweety High: When did you first become interested in the paranormal? At what point did you decide to share your passion with the world through your content?

Kelsi Davies: The paranormal world always scared me, yet I was fascinated by it. I always had this gift of feeling the energy from both people and spirits. I didn't understand it until quite recently. I think I was too terrified of it, so I blocked it out as much as I could. Now, communicating with spirits is a daily thing for me. It is also a gift that runs in my family. My best friend, Mady Kelly, and I started watching paranormal videos on YouTube, so we decided to start going to the most haunted locations in our area and filming our experiences for our old YouTube channel "Mady and Kelsi." We later decided to focus on our own channels, and I continued to explore my curiosities with the paranormal world. As I now know, I was drawn to it for a reason. I love sharing my experiences with my viewers, as well as my daily life as a psychic/medium.

Kelsi Davies with lola the haunted doll

(Photo credit: Ashley Marie)


SH: At what point did you decide to bring that content over to TikTok? Have you been surprised by the huge success you've found there?

KD: I was always messing around on Musical.ly, and then TikTok. I showed more of my acting/dancing/comedic side on there. It was honestly something I just did for fun. One day, I asked my friend Omar (OmargoshTV) for advice on my YouTube channel, and he told me to keep putting content out on TikTok. At this time, TikTok wasn't super popular with the paranormal community. I knew I needed a "niche," but I just wasn't sure what mine was, what made me unique. So I started sharing some of my paranormal experiences there, and people seemed to be very interested. I later bought a haunted doll and started sharing my strange adventures with her, my experiences as a medium, and shared my authentic self. I am so grateful for how far my TikTok has come and the positive community that has come together on my page. I always work hard and honestly believe you can do anything you set your mind to.


SH:What do you think it is about your videos that attracts a unique audience?

KD: I feel like my videos help show that the paranormal side isn't all bad. There is always good and bad in the world to create balance. Positive and negative. The audience that this attracts is open-minded people who are curious about the other side. Not everyone will believe in what I do or agree with, but those who do are welcome to stay. I'm not here to force my beliefs on people. I'm just here to share my experiences. I always keep my mind open.


SH: How did you become acquainted with Lola? What are the different ways you communicate with her, and did you already know how to practice them when you met her?

KD: One day, I decided to buy a haunted item. I was very curious about how that worked—how spirits attach themselves to "vessels." It was honestly something that just randomly came to me while I was driving home from work (I was a dance teacher). So I went on eBay and found a seller (firetorchfindings) who collected haunted items. I saw the photo of Lola's doll and instantly pressed "buy" without even looking at the information about her. I have always felt energy through pictures. I don't know how to explain it. But I loved the energy Lola had.

So I texted my friends, "I just bought a haunted doll!" They were interested and wanted to know her story. I was like, "I honestly don't know." I know a lot about her now, but it was strange how I felt with her photo. It was hard for me to communicate with her when I first got her. She was stubborn, would mess with my camera when I tried to film her. (This happened to five of my other friends too when they wanted to record her). I had a lot of experience communicating with spirits using spirit boxes, Ouija boards and dowsing rods before I got her, so I used a pendulum that her doll came with and a spirit box. I found out she wanted respect and her permission before anyone recorded her. For a while, I would use dowsing rods and a spirit box until I started opening up to my mediumship. Now I'm able to talk to her by her sending me visions or lightly whispering to me. Typically, I do all three, direct communication, the dowsing rods and spirit box at the same time.


SH: What was the inspiration behind your song "Heartbeats"? Do you have any advice for others to find themselves and understand when their relationships aren't benefiting them?

KD: When I was around 19 years old, I got into a highly toxic relationship. The man I thought I loved was extremely mentally abusive. He checked my phone every 30 minutes, made me keep my Snapchat location on, would constantly log into my social media. I wasn't allowed to wear leggings without shorts over them or any shirts showing cleavage. He would tell me to stay in the bathroom if I cried and not come out until I was done. He said things to me no person should ever say to someone they "loved." He would always accuse me of cheating, and in the end, he ended up cheating on me. He also told me I wouldn't be successful on YouTube, manipulated me to quit acting (he got mad at a scene I had where I had to kiss a man on the cheek, which I filmed before I even dated him). I lost a lot of weight and later ended up in the hospital due to self-harm and suicidal thoughts. I was so weak.

But one day, I found the strength inside myself and got away from the relationship. I still have irrational fears, nightmares and anxiety attacks. It was a massive impact on me. This song is my story. My journey to finding my authentic self. I told it all to the writers/producers, Comanavago, and they came up with something so fun, so positive and so me! I wanted to show anyone going through a toxic relationship, or a hard time in their life, that things can get better. You can find strength, and you can do anything you set your mind to. My advice is to trust your intuition. If you are more stressed about your relationship than anything else, it is not beneficial to you. A relationship should be about loving each other no matter what while lifting each other, motivating one another to do amazing things. Trust is so important. So important.


SH: Why are open-mindedness and authenticity so important to you?

KD: Keeping an open mind is very important because I believe there is so much happening in this universe that we don't know about. I have seen many unexplainable things, and I don't particularly appreciate how some people are so set in the ways that they won't consider other theories or beliefs and try to force what they believe onto other people. Being authentic is so important to me because I always tried my best to "fit in" even though I was always different from others. I was bullied for being a shy girl. People felt like they could walk all over me. As I got older, I realized that what others say about you or think should not matter. If you are a kind, genuine person, focus on yourself and what makes you happy.


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