Kendra Scott's Winter Collection Is Full Of Sparkly Things For Your Stocking

I've never been the person to ask for jewelry for the holidays.

I have my signature go-tos—like the silver horseshoe necklace I was gifted after graduation—but my jewelry box isn't exactly at risk of overflowing. That being said, when the folks at Kendra Scott reached out to have me review their winter collection, I was excited to check the pieces out. Maybe I would find a new signature item I could rock through winter and beyond.

It was more than just the promise of something sparkly that appealed to me. Kendra Scott, the brand's founder, has an inspiring entrepreneurial story, having famously started her massive company with just $500 out of her spare bedroom.  Supporting the next generation of female entrepreneurs has long been a priority for Scott, and recently, she hosted the inaugural Women's Summit, a full day of free programming under the Kendra Scott Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute at The University of Texas at Austin. The virtual event featured speakers like Nastia Liukin, Maria Menounos and Sheinelle Jones, as well as special workshops exploring how women can excel in their careers, manage their personal lives and empower one another.

The brand generously supplied me with four items from the new collection, and as it turned out, there was more than one piece worthy of a place in my permanent rotation. Here's what I tried.

The Phoenix Bangle Bracelet ($68) & Phoenix Wrap Ring ($58)

When I opened up the Kendra Scott package and found that two of the items were modeled around snakes, I knew I would be wearing these pieces long after I wrote this review. As a Swiftie who believes Reputation is her most under-appreciated era, I found little not to love about the bangle and ring shaped like gold snakes.


(via Kendra Scott)

Well, there was one tiny thing, and that's the constant worry that the bangle would slide off my wrist. This is less so an issue of Kendra Scott, and more my own constant paranoia whenever I wear any sort of bangle. Still, the snake bangle was just the right mix of pretty and edgy—wearing it would be worth having to check my wrist every few minutes to confirm it hadn't sssslipped off.

I had no such qualms about the ring, which was easily my favorite item in the entire collection.

kendra scott phoenix snake ring

(via Kendra Scott)

When I posted a picture of the piece on Instagram, I realized I wasn't alone in obsessing over it: So many of my friends were intrigued by the interesting twisted design, and asked where they could pick up their own.

For those interested in living their best Slytherin life, you can get the bangle for $68, and the ring for $52 over at Kendra Scott.


The Ari Heart Necklace & Earrings Gift Set ($78 to $118)

The second set of items I tried were more Lover than Reputation: different vibes, but totally wearable.

kendra scott earrings

(via Kendra Scott)

Heart necklaces aren't exactly reinventing the jewelry wheel. I still remember when every celebrity had a silver Tiffany heart necklace peeping out of their Juicy sweatsuit. Kendra Scott, however, has modernized the trendy piece, with a slightly asymmetrical heart in a variety of fun colors.


(via Kendra Scott)

Kendra Scott provided me with a turquoise version of the necklace, which provides just the right pop of color to a simple outfit.

The matching earrings were equally as fun, though whether you go matchy-matchy and wear these as a set or prefer to don them separately is a personal preference. I, for one, am already considering stocking up on a few more necklace colors to really upgrade my collection.

You can get the gift set for $78 to $118, depending on your selected color, at Kendra Scott.


The Bottom Line

Jewelry should be fun—and that's exactly what Kendra Scott's winter collection provides. In addition to the pieces included here, the website features tons of other sparkly items worth noting, from rainbow-colored rings to star pendant necklaces. With its pretty details yet affordable prices, Kendra Scott may make you go from a jewelry novice to someone who loves being bathed in bling.


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