Your Favorite Foods Are Now Adorable Plushies Thanks to Kidrobot's Yummy World

You can't eat Kidrobot's Yummy World line of plushies, but you can definitely hug them—and that's the next best thing.

If you're not yet familiar with Yummy World, it features tasty foods, from fast food to desserts to healthy eats, in stuffed animal form, complete with cartoon eyes and a sweet smile.

While Yummy World has been around for a while, their newest batch of deliciousness includes their cutest figures yet, and we got our hands on a few of them to share with you.

This box of french fries comes complete with five individual fries that you can remove from the carton for some super cute poses. They even have velcro on the bottoms so they stay where you want them.

KidRobot Yummy World French Fries


What's cuter than a swirly scoop of strawberry ice cream on a cone? Answer: An ice cream cone that's also got a cheeky smile.

KidRobot Yummy World ice cream cone


This bag of adorable cheese puffs has a zipper at the top, and every one of the individual cheese puffs within can be removed from the package. The puffs also crinkle when you squeeze them!

KidRobot Yummy World Cheese Puffs


Forget the traditional triangular slice of watermelon. This little guy is based on the awesome cube watermelons from Japan, and he's all the cuter for it.

KidRobot Yummy World watermelon slice


Macarons are cute. This stuffed macaron is cute. It's basic math.

KidRobot Yummy World macaron


This joyful ice cream sandwich has a neapolitan ice cream filling, in case you were wondering.

KidRobot Yummy World ice cream sandwich


They're all one big happy food family.

KidRobot Yummy World couch


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