K-Pop Group Kingdom Explains the Fantasy Element Behind History Of Kingdom: Part III. IVAN

There's a good reason that Kingdom has done better in the Billboard charts than any other K-pop act to debut this year.

The seven-member boy group hasn't just stunned us with their incredible voices and gorgeous choreography, but also by weaving a fantasy element into their music by creating their own fictional universe of kingdoms. The group's third mini-album, History Of Kingdom: Part III. IVAN is out today, Oct. 21, and we got the chance to get to know the members of the band and the rich story behind the seven kingdoms the band represents in their own words.  

Sweety High: Who are the members of Kingdom, and what would you say each of your roles is in the group?

Kingdom: Each of us is a king reigning a Kingdom. Dann rules the Kingdom of Change, Arthur rules the Kingdom of Rain, Mujin rules the Kingdom of Cherry Blossoms, Louis rules the Kingdom of Beauty, Ivan rules the Kingdom of Snow, Jahan rules the Kingdom of Sun and finally, Chiwoo rules the Kingdom of Cloud.

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SH: What does the name "Kingdom" mean to you?

Kingdom: The name "Kingdom" is so special to all of us since it is our group name that reflects our concept and fictional universe. We want to cherish and preserve this name forever, with great reputation.

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SH: What would you say sets Kingdom apart from other K-pop groups?

Kingdom: Our unique, incomparable music. We always come up with movie-like performances and fill our songs with compact stories. We can proudly say that Kingdom makes music on a large scale.


SH: Tell us about History Of Kingdom: Part III. IVAN. What are the themes of this mini-album, and how does it fit into the previously released Part I and Part II?

Kingdom: History Of Kingdom: Part III. IVAN is about the Kingdom of Snow ruled by Ivan. It focuses on Ivan's conflicts between good and evil, regarding the confrontation with the "Black Crown," the mighty power of absolute evil.


SH: Will you each be getting your own mini-albums?

Kingdom: For now, we will be focusing on our group activities and projects, since we are in the stage of drawing a clear sketch of the Kingdom.

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SH: What would you say has been the highlight of your career together so far?

Kingdom: We won the Next Generation Hallyu Star at 2021 Newsis K-Expo. This seems to be the biggest highlight since it was the first award we won after our debut. We felt so happy about it.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Kingdom: We put a lot of effort into preparing for this comeback. Please give us lots of love and support, for this album and for our future! We sincerely thank all of you for loving us.


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