Steal the Kylie Jenner-Approved Galactic Cowgirl Makeup Look

Galactic cowgirls seem to have invaded our Insta feeds and favorite blogs.

The trend is everywhere, from Kylie approved birthday bashes to runways in Europe. 

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We've nailed down the trend's basics and are showing you the products that can help you score this "It"-girl look.


Estee Edit face balm

(via Estee Lauder)

Glowy skin is all the rage and base isn't an exception. In order to achieve a great base, you need to start with a foundation that not only gives you that effect but also moisturizes skin during wear. If you already have a foundation you are a fan of, you can dab on your favorite face oil before application to hack the glowy look. If you're on the market for a foundation that will give your skin a fresh boost, look no further than this glowing balm. The tinted moisturizer doesn't offer cake-y cover up— instead, it enhances your natural skin. It comes in various tones, so matching is easy breezy. 



Cover FX highlighter

(via Cover FX)

Highlighting skin is one of the most crucial steps in achieving the Galactic Cowgirl look. We suggest picking a highly pigmented liquid highlighter that will go on your T-zone (forehead and nose), your cheekbones and your chin. Liquid formulas work best for the look because they are buildable, meaning you can customize your level of highlight based off your preferences.  This ultra-concentrated formula by Cover FX comes in nine universal shades and lasts all day.



Pink and green eyeshadow(via Flirt Cosmetics)

A big focal point for this look is a swatch of bold-colored eyeshadow. This can be applied to your eyelid from inner corner to crease. You can pick your eyeshadow color based off what your outfit looks like. The trend calls for neons and bright colors. We like this eyeshadow by Flirt Cosmetics because it packs two galactic cowgirl colors in one.


Colorful Eyeliner

gold eyeliner(via Make Up For Ever)

The last step for your eyes before you apply thick coats of mascara is a brightly colored eyeliner. You will get the most bang for your buck if you go for a metallic shade. The reason for this is metallics go well with any bold-colored eyeshadow you pick. The shadow for this look will be changing according to your outfit so a metallic eyeliner will always match. We love the Aqua XL Ink Liner formula in a gold shade by Make Up For Ever because it won't smudge or run. The eyeliner is rich in polymers, meaning it can withstand smudges, water and tears.



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Bold eyes are so prominent for this look that you need to take it easy on the lips. Take a cue from "It"-girl Hailey Baldwin and pick a sheer lip gloss or a neutral lipstick that you already have in your arsenal.

Now that you've nailed your makeup, grab a metallic cowboy hat and you are ready to head out the door!


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