With school almost back in session, it’s time to hang up the beach towel and grab your book bag instead.

One of the best parts of going back to school is getting new supplies and showing off your cute accessories. Since you’ll probably be lugging around your computer every day, we found the most adorable laptop cases you’ll want to get asap:

1. Yoobi – Aqua Rainbow Stripe: $16.98

This cute rainbow stripe laptop sleeve is great for the person who has a big personality. Show off bright colors that reflect your charisma each time you whip out your computer!

rainbow laptop case

(via Yoobi)


2. Zazzle – Custom Rose Gold Monogram: $31.65

If you love organization, then this custom monogrammed case is right up your alley. The beautiful blush color is perfect for the girly-girl.

blush monogram laptop case

(via Zazzle)


3. Society6 – Stars: $38.99

Simple yet chic, this accessory is perfect for the fashion-forward girl. With Mercury in retrograde, keep the stars at the center of your attention. 

black and white stars laptop case

(via Society6)


4. ban.do – Forever Busy: $30

Some of us seem to have a perpetually full schedule, so might as well showcase it to everyone else! The snazzy gold case is too cute to pass on.

forever busy laptop case

(via ban.do)


5. Urban Outfitters – Wildflower Moo Moo: $40

Whether you love cows or are super into animal print, this print case is so cute and trendy. This definitely needs to be added to your shopping cart pronto.


cow print moo laptop case

(via Urban Outfitters)


6. Amazon – Mosiso White Marble: $13.59

The classic staple of white marble can be used by anyone. Elegant and effortless, the case also features a side zipper for other important things you may want to keep out of harm’s way.

white marble laptop case

(via Amazon)


7. Society6 – Tan Leopard: $38.99

Leopard print is everywhere these days, but don’t worry, it’s not leaving any time soon. But be mindful of using this accessory while wearing other leopard print items you may have in your closet.

tan leopard laptop case

(via Society6)


8. Yoobi – Peach Grid: $14.97

If you use notebooks and paper often, this document organizer will fit all of that and more. Complete with multiple compartments, you’ll be able to keep everything in order.

peach grid organizer laptop case

(via Yoobi)


9. Zazzle – Personalized Kitty Kats: $31.65

If you’re a crazy cat lady, you’ll fall in love with this case. Not only are these cats super adorable, but you get to add your name to the laptop sleeve, too!

cute cats custom laptop case

(via Zazzle)


10. Society6 – Marfa Mileage Prada: $38.99

If you’re up-to-date with the world of high-fashion, you know that Prada is all the rage. Show off your knowledge with this minimalistic laptop case.

Prada fashion laptop case

(via Society6)


Now that you know which laptop case you’re going to get, what about other school supplies? HERE’s a list of some of our must-have items for the new school year!