I Tried All Three of Laura Marano's New Fragrances and Here's Why I'm in Love

Perfume fanatics, have you seen, smelled, or better yet, tried Laura Marano's new fragrance line yet?

For those who haven't had a glimpse or sniff of the product line, trust me when I say it's dreamy. The line offers three vanilla-centric scents called Hug You, Kiss You and Love You.

Not only are each of the bottles sleek and sophisticated, but the box lids reveal fortune cookie-like acts of kindness so you can pay forward a good deed each time you wear these scents.

Hug You, Kiss You and Love You from Laura Marano's new fragrance line

I had the opportunity to try out all three products and participate in each of the small, but kind gestures the boxes suggested.

Here are my honest opinions about all three aromas:

Hug You

Laura Marano's Hug You perfume

What it smells like: Pure vanilla

Act of kindness inside: Smile at five people today.

My thoughts: When I first opened up the Hug You box, I was pleased that the scent wasn't overpowering. It's simple, which I prefer. I decided to wear this perfume on a day when I was in the car with my parents for an extended amount of time. I figured they would appreciate that I smelled nice without making the whole car wreak of the sweet scent of vanilla. When I hopped in the car, both my parents took notice of my perfume and said that I smelled so fresh. That compliment alone put a smile on my face, making it super easy to accomplish my task of smiling at five strangers that day. Overall, I loved the scent and the way it seemed to boost my mood.


Kiss You

Laura Marano's Kiss You perfume

What it smells like: Vanilla mixed with cotton candy

Act of kindness inside: Do the dishes for your family.

My thoughts: Since Laura Marano herself revealed to us over at Sweety High that this was her favorite scent, I knew that I was going to enjoy it as well. Laura wasn't lying when she said that Kiss You smells like vanilla mixed with cotton candy. The mixture is absolutely delicious. I spritzed this on before heading out for frozen yogurt with my friends, and let's just say I was smelling as sweet as my fro-yo toppings that night. When I arrived home, I made sure to participate in my little act of kindness by washing and putting away dishes in the sink. I was amazed at how one small gesture like cleaning dishes brought so much joy to my my mom. I really liked the way this perfume made me smell, but I loved the way the act of kindness made my mom light up.


Love You

Laura Marano's Love You perfume

What it smells like: Vanilla with a floral component

Act of kindness inside: Read about another culture with a friend and celebrate the differences.

My thoughts: Before misting myself with this perfume, I decided to dive right into the little act of kindness. I had been talking to my friend from Guam on the phone as I unboxed Love You, so I decided to ask about some of her culture's traditions around the holidays. She chatted with me about some of the traditional Pacific Islander dishes she loves to indulge in at holiday parties, and even offered to make me one next time I see her. After our talk, I spritzed on Love You, a unique vanilla aroma with a floral component. It smelled simple yet sophisticated, and I knew it would be perfect for work. I'm wearing it currently, and have to pause my work every few seconds or so to get a whiff. Seriously, it smells that good.


Overall, I am a big fan of all three perfumes. I will admit, however, that Love You is by far my favorite—you can't compete with a scent that smells like cotton candy. Although I really enjoy these fragrances, I'm even more impressed by the messages that comes along with them. Laura's new line truly does inspire kindness. If you want to smell good and do good too, pick up one or all three of her new perfumes from a retail store like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and K-Mart today!


Want to hear the inspiring reason why Laura decided to include little acts of kindness inside each perfume box? Find out HERE in our exclusive interview with her about her new line.