Add These Kawaii Squishes to Your Phone Case For Stress Relief Flair

Squishes are nothing new, but adding them to your phone case for some kawaii stress relief is a revelation.

Following the viral video on Facebook of a person playing with the lazy cats and sea lion inspired squishes, we decided we needed to get our hands on all the cuddly creatures stat. 

To DIY your own stress relief phone case, all you need is your favorite squishy and a little bit of glue.

While everyone knows just how cute cats are, there's an endless array of kawaii squishies perfect for any type of animal lover. Browse more animal squishies that make perfect iPhone accessories below:

The Lazy Cats: $1

Of course we had to begin with the cuddly cat that started it all. Those big bellies!

Assorted three cats squishies

(via eBay)


The Cute Sea Lions: $1

Are they sea lions or are they marshmallows? This blubber is sure to relieve whatever stress you're suffering from.

Sea lion squishy

(via eBay)


The Squishy Sheep: $1.19

This squishy is 100% cotton cuteness.

White sheep squishy

(via eBay)


The Pink Polar Bear: $1.19

Because everyone looks pretty in pink.

Pink polar bear squishy

(via eBay)


The Periwinkle Pig: $1.19

Pig lovers, you know who you are!

Periwinkle colored pig squishy

(via eBay)


The Little Rooster: $1.19

How much do you love that red comb on this little rooster. Add this to your phone case for an extra wake up call in the morning.

Yellow chick squishy

(via eBay)


The White Bunny: $1

Don't you just wanna pinch those cheeks!

White rabbit squishy

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Ready to try your hand at making your very own squishy at home? Click HERE to make an assortment of kawaii squishies with this YouTuber's DIY tutorials.