Need New Glasses, Without the Hassle of an Optometrist Visit? You'll LOVE Lensabl

I am severely nearsighted, which means that without glasses, I can only clearly see things within a couple of feet of my face. Everything beyond that just looks like a fuzzy mess. Lucky for me, I've grown to love glasses as a daily accessory, and I have several pairs I can swap between for every occasion.

Of course, actually getting those glasses was a whole process. I had to wait over a month for a local appointment, and then take time off of work to go to an optometrist's office and get an eye exam, in a process that itself took a few hours. The wait was worth it, in the end, but I couldn't help thinking there had to be a better way.

I wish I'd known about Lensabl. The brand is the ultimate one-stop online shop for all things related to glasses and vision, with some impressive services I've never seen on the internet. The team behind the brand was generous enough to send me a pair of prescription sunglasses to try for myself, and I may never go back.

The Brand

Whether you're looking for contact lenses, new glasses or simply replacement lenses for your favorite pair of existing glasses, Lensabl has you covered. They have a massive selection of frames to choose from, both for standard glasses and sunglasses, and available with or without a prescription, but that's just the start of their services.

For one, whether your prescription is outdated or your lenses are cracked or scratched, you can send your favorite frames to them to get replacement lenses, starting at $77. Don't have an updated prescription? They're the first brand I've ever seen with an online vision test. If you qualify, you can take the vision test on your own at home using your computer and smartphone, and in just 15 minutes have a prescription issued by an eye doctor, all for the low cost of $25.

Every pair of Lensabl glasses also comes with blue-light protection, anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch coating and 100% UV protection, to keep both your eyes and the lenses themselves safe for as long as possible. For my review, I was sent a pair of the brand'Olympic glasses.



The Sunglasses

When I was first sent the list of Lensabl sunglasses frames to choose from, I was slightly overwhelmed. There were almost 50 choices available, but eventually, I landed on the Olympic Sunglasses, a pair of sleek, timeless metal aviators available in both Matte-Black and Nickel colors. After seeing how they'd both look on with the Virtual Try-On feature, I decided on the Nickel color, as well as gray lenses—though they were also available in blue, brown, G15 green, pink, purple, red and yellow, as well as gradients. With a prescription, the total cost would have been $127. Compared to my previous paid prescription sunglasses, which set me back $175, this was a deal.

Lensabl Olympic sun glasses

(via Lensabl)

Because I was reviewing these, rather than ordering them directly, my process was slightly different than what typical customers will go through. I emailed with the style I wanted and attached a scan of my latest prescription.

Of course, if your current prescription is expired, you can see if you qualify for their online vision test. I went through the process myself to see if I qualified, and I did, with the main stopping point being whether you have an existing prescription. You won't be able to use the online vision test if you're never had a prescription before, but otherwise, you should be good to go.

My existing prescription also didn't include my pupillary distance, but they walked me through the process of getting it, and it was a snap. They were able to calculate it by having me hold a wallet-sized card under my nose, pressed against my mouth, and take a selfie of my face without my glasses on. I sent that in, and from there, it wasn't long before the sunglasses arrived in my mailbox (packed in a nice triangular case, along with a cleaning cloth and bottle of cleaning fluid.)

And from the moment I put these glasses on, I was obsessed. Of course, they used my brand new prescription, so they grant me perfect vision, but they also offer just the perfect amount of sun protection for my eyes, darkening bright days without making things too dark. Plus, they look amazing on—especially because I've been embracing round frames, lately. They're exactly what I want out of a pair of prescription sunnies, putting my old pair to shame, and they've become a necessity for me on sunny days.


Bottom Line

In the past, I've found that getting new glasses is either an in-person ordeal that takes ages or an expensive online process. I love that Lensabl takes all of the pain out of shopping for new glasses and that their prices are totally on point. Every step was a breeze, and the sunglasses I got were exactly what I'd wanted. Honestly, the toughest part was picking the right pair of sunglasses. Of course, this might not be so seamless if this is your first time getting glasses and you don't already have a prescription, and I didn't review the contact lenses portion of the site, so that procedure may include more steps. However, I was thrilled with the process, and I plan to recommend Lensabl to friends and relatives the next time they complain about needing new glasses.


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