If You're a Libra, You'll Identify With These Truths About Your Zodiac Sign

Libras, your time has come. From now until Oct. 22, we'll be celebrating you.

To honor the start of your zodiac sign's season, we thought we'd share nine truths every Libra will relate to.

Scroll below to get to know yourself a little bit better!

1. You're the most balanced person anyone will ever meet. You don't really experience many issues in life, mainly because you're fantastic at handling the bad along with the good.

2. As your sign is represented by the scales, you're obviously a very fair and diplomatic individual. Your superpower is squashing any argument in under five minutes.

(Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince via Warner Bros.)

3. You're also a very peaceful person, constantly trying to bring harmony and equality to the world as best you can.

4. A social butterfly, you make friends easier than any sign in the zodiac. Seriously, there's not a single person who doesn't want to be your BFF. You know about popular!

5. Sometimes you're too much of a people-pleaser that you forget to focus on your own needs. Remember to go after what you want, not what people tell you you want.

Hans looking at Anna in disgust in Disney's Frozen

(Frozen via Walt Disney Pictures)

6. You hate being alone, so you're always surrounded by your friends, family or S.O. Loneliness is the one thing you can't get onboard with.

7. Your caring and empathetic nature makes you one heck of a BFF. Your besties know they can turn to you whenever they need a shoulder to cry on or when they need some insightful advice.

8. Because you're insanely intelligent, you're all about doing things that are mentally stimulating. That could be reading a new book, chatting with someone who has a different viewpoint than you or watching a documentary on a subject you want to know more about.

Emma Watson as Belle in Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast reading a book

(Beauty and the Beast via Walt Disney Pictures)

9. You make one of the best partners anyone will ever have. You're very caring, but also totally romantic. Your S.O. knows they'll always feel appreciated, so long as you're by their side.


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