Lilly K Dances 15+ Hours a Week—Here's How She Stays Sane

Our girl Lilly K is a dancing queen.

If you've seen her on TikTok, you know exactly what we're talking about. Her whole life revolves around dance, and we were curious to know exactly how many hours she puts toward her passion a week. And guess what? It'way more than we thought. Keep scrolling to find out how many hours Lilly K dances a week, how she stays sane and more about her dance life!

Sweety High: How many hours a week are you in the studio/dancing?

Lilly K: 15 hours a week, but it used to be more before COVID!


SH: How many hours are devoted to each style 

LK: Six hours of ballet, four hours of contemporary, two hours of jazz, one hour of tap and two hours of leaps and turns.


SH: How do you motivate yourself to practice when you're exhausted?

LK: I like to give myself a list of things to do so I can feel accomplished when I check them off. To know that I have a list makes me motivated to keep going!



SH: What do you do when you're not dancing to relax?

LK: I like to go skateboarding or go in my hot tub.


SH: How do you stay sane when you feel overwhelmed by dance?

LK: I like to take baths with a bath bomb to really calm down and relieve stress.


SH: Do you have a pre or post-practice ritual you live by?

LK: I always need to stretch before class to warm up my body.


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