If you keep up with all things beauty like we do, your excitement level probably skyrocketed when just last month, our fave retro brand, Lisa Frank, announced a special makeup collaboration with Glamour Dolls on Kickstarter.

Since the announcement, we’ve interviewed Jessica Romanoco-founder of Glamour Dolls Makeup, for the inside scoop on the collection.

Although we loved hearing about the products, we wanted to see them for ourselves, so Jessica sent us an exclusive sneak peek of one of their first products—this majestic cruelty-free angled blush brush:


(via Kickstarter)


You can only imagine our complete hysteria when we opened up the package to see this handcrafted and designed product.

Not only did Jessica send over the brush, she sent over a slew of Glamour Dolls Makeup’s products and some items that took us straight back to the ’90s—including a fluffy pen, a slinky, a choker, some stick-on earrings, just to name a few. ????

Box of Lisa Frank and Glamour Dolls makeup products

Lisa Frank makeup brush and nostalgic items from the 90s'

Although I was excited about all the items in the box, I could not wait to get my hands on the coveted angle blush brush and try it out for myself.

I immediately pulled out my makeup bag from my purse and applied my fave blush/bronzer combo using the new tool.

Brittney holding Lisa Frank makeup brush

The verdict? I absolutely love it. The design is flawless and its soft pink and white bristles effortlessly made my cheek bones pop in one single stroke.

The majestic cruelty-free brush mentioned above is available for presale now HERE, and guess what… it’s only $4.99!

I can’t wait to see what other amazing products this fantastic duo will come up with! For more information on this collab and its creation process, check out the Kickstarter HERE.


Curious how this collaboration came to be? Check out our exclusive interview with Jessica Romano, co-founder of Glamour Dolls Makeup, HERE!