Live Below the Line with Laura Marano!

Did you know that 1.2 billion people around the world survive on less than the equivalent of $1.50 every day? Join Laura Marano in the Live Below the Line campaign to make a difference in their lives!Live Below the Line Laura Marano

"A dollar fifty doesn't seem like much, does it?" Laura asks in a video for the campaign. It can buy a bottle of water, or a pack of gum, or download a new song."

But for about 1/6 of the people in the world, that's all the money they have to spend in a day.

Not having a lot of money for food is about a lot more than hunger. It impacts people's ability to make healthy eating decisions, and a lack of food can cause malnutrition, which leads to a lack of growth.

To help out, the Austin & Ally star has taken the Live Below the Line pledge to try to live on $1.50 a day for five whole days!

Laura hopes you can support her by joining in on the pledge. Do what you can to limit spending on food and drinks to just $7.50 over five days to make an impact!

With this campaign, UNICEF aims to help malnourished kids around the world. Better nutrition can mean a better chance for a healthy future!

You can make a donation here!

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