Logan Hollowell Tells Us All About Her Jewelry Brand

Jewelry holds so much power.

One incredible piece can transform your outfit, and that's exactly why we're such big fans of Logan Hollowell and her jewelry brand of the same name. Full of fine jewelry, unique designs and more, we just had to learn all about Logan and her brand. Keep scrolling for everything we found out!

Name: Logan Hollowell

IG Handle: @loganhollowell

Fun Facts:

1. Logan created her brand because of her love for fine jewelry.

"My brand was born out of my love and passion for fine jewelry and how even one single piece can make you feel like an upgraded version of yourself."

-Logan Hollowell

2. She loves mixing different shades of white for outfits.


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3. Her personal style varies depending on her mood.

"My personal style is totally based on my mood and energy that I am feeling at that moment. I am always inspired by my inner goddess and wear lots of whites, nudes, and soft fabrics like silk or cashmere."

-Logan Hollowell

4. Logan isn't on TikTok.

5. When she's in a rush, she goes for denim and a white blouse with her favorite Chanel slingbacks.


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6. Bridgette Bardot is one of her major style icons.

7. Growing up, she loved seeing how each girl from the Spice Girls embraced their own unique style.

"I loved seeing how the Spice Girls each had a different style and vibe that was unique to each of them! I realized I could be all of them, not defined by one but could drop into whatever energy or mood depending on how I was feeling."

-Logan Hollowell

8. Logan's favorite piece in her closet is her first Chanel bag that she bought in Paris.


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9. Her brand is segmented into separate collections based on differing elements and energy.

"Queen collection for when I am channeling my inner goddess, Constellation collection for my love of the cosmos and our connection to the stars, and the Sacred to illuminate collection based on different sacred symbols that represent our deeper truths or who we are, and so on. Each of my pieces have a story, and is handmade with sustainability,  love and care—and filled with Magic."

-Logan Hollowell

10. She enjoys the simple, peaceful things in life.

11. Logan can't wait for everyone to see her brand's new Reverse Water Drop Atlantis Diamond Earrings.


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