We Copied 3 Easy, Adorable Looks From Lottie Tomlinson's Rainbow Roots Beauty Book

You probably know Lottie Tomlinson as the insanely gorgeous British beauty babe who's always trying out new makeup looks and dyeing her hair trendy colors.

But well before she amassed her 3.3 million followers, she was just a regular girl (well, sort of), who wanted to figure out how to make beauty into a career. The youngest sister of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson, Lottie got her big break assisting One Direction's makeup artist, Lou Teasdale, on tour. And, the rest is really history.

Hard work, attention to detail and a passion for makeup turned this MUA hopeful into a full-fledged beauty influencer and author of her own book, Lottie Tomlinson's Rainbow Roots. This book is not only super fun to flip through for inspiration, it's categorized by color so you can easily find whatever you need.

Ahead, three of our fave looks from her book that you can easily recreate from home!

Lottie Tomlinson Rainbow Roots


Magenta Eyes

Pretty pinks have been the trend as of late, but Lottie puts a whole new spin on this shade. Instead of covering the entire eye in this hue, she applies primer to the corners of her eyes and uses concentrated pink pigment to decorate just the inner corners of her eyes, leaving the outer sides of the lid bare. The result? A punchy look that takes less than five minutes.

Magenta Eyes


Disco Glitter Lids

When you crave sparkle, look no further than Lottie's disco glitter lids that are begging for a night on the dance floor. This look puts all attention on the eyes and makes any eye color pop, so rest assured this look will suit you. The entire vibe feels very Age of Aquarius with the subtle lilac shadow peeking out from the dramatic silver sequin lids. Lottie's pro glitter tip: "Use fine glitter for a more natural look and chunky glitter for more drama."

Disco Eyes


Seeing Double

Want to wear a pop of color in a whole new way? Then this Lottie look will do just the trick. Instead of wearing a bright color all over your lid, use a liquid lipstick to apply smudgy dots underneath your lashes. To make sure they're straight and evenly centered, use your pupil as a guide. Then, use the same color for your lips for a totally new take on a monochromatic look.

Seeing Double Orange Dots


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