Love Dog Republic Is the Subscription Box Just for Pet Moms AND Their Pups

Looking for the perfect subscription box for the dog-lover in your life?

Whether you're seeking a gift for yourself and your pup, or know someone who adores their pooch more than anything in the world, Love Dog Republic will have you covered. While most pet boxes only give gifts for your pets, Love Dog Republic has a little something for you, a little something for your dog, and goodies that will also improve and commemorate your bond. The team behind the boxes was kind enough to send me one to check it out for myself, and I'm more than a little obsessed.

The Company

Love Dog Republic is a luxe subscription box for the fanciest dog moms around. Each box contains six to eight items for subscribers and their pups, including everything from electronics to colors, bandanas, T-shirts, spa items and more, designed to keep both dogs and their pup parents happy. They'll also customize your box based on the size of your dog, your own T-shirt size and whether your dog is a boy or a girl.

The brand is also passionate about helping animals and runs auctions to benefit pups in need. In the future, they also plan to host charity events and create podcasts raising awareness of animal shelters, rescues and fostering programs.

You can pre-pay for three Love Dog Republic boxes for $279.96 and get the fourth box for free, delivering four times a year (March, June, September and December), or you can buy a one-time box for $69.99.

Love Dog Republic holiday box

(via Love Dog Republic)


The Box

The Love Dog Republic box I received came just in time for the holidays and filled to the brim with all kinds of amazing goodies for me and my three dogs (who'll have to share what's inside, come Christmas time!).

Goodies for me included a sweet "dog mom" long-sleeve T-shirt, a hilarious bearded bottle topper with a striped hat, a pair of festive Christmas tree socks and a Peppermint Cookie candle from CE Craft (which smells amazing). Best of all, though, is a gorgeous frame, complete with everything I need to make an inked pawprint from one of my dogs, completely mess-free.

Love Dog republic holiday box

(via Love Dog Republic)

Of course, there are doggy presents in the box, too! They include a stocking-shaped iced biscuit, two adorable bottle-shaped chew toys, waste bags, holiday red and green puppy socks and a cute bandana that attaches to a dog's collar, so you won't have to worry about it falling right off.

Love Dog Republic pup with box

(via Love Dog Republic)

I haven't given the dog gifts to my pups yet (my mother-in-law insists we wait until Christmas), but when the time comes, I know they'll adore it all as much as I love the human gifts inside. It's going to be a very good holiday for them, much in part to Love Dog Republic.


Bottom Line

If you're all about gifts that keep on giving, definitely check out One Dog Republic. Everything inside the box is high-quality, as well as something you'll actually use, and getting a few gifts for yourself is almost as rewarding as getting to see your dogs dig into the great new toys and treats you got them. Of course, like most subscription boxes, it's a little bit on the pricey side, but I happen to think it's worth every penny—and if you spring for the yearly subscription, those savings definitely add up.

Love Dog Republic pup with bandana and toy

(via Love Dog Republic)


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