Memes You'll Relate to If You Like Dogs More Than People

If you don't like dogs, we can't be friends.

We're not even trying to be harsh—we just care about dogs more than anything else on the planet.

If you feel the same way, keep scrolling for 14 memes you'll relate to if you like dogs more than people.

1. They're just so pure:

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2. And they don't understand how much we love them:


3. But we'd still choose them over anything else:


4. They're the most blessed creatures:


5. Come closer, please:


6. You don't have to tell us once, tbh:


7. We'll ask you anything you want:


8. No one is as real as a dog:


9. Booking a flight now:

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10.  These are facts:

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11. Send pics, please:


12. This is too much: 


13. Hang on, we'll be right in:


14. Duh:

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