9 Memes You'll Relate to If You Love to Hate Astrology

Oh, astrology.

Whether you love it or you think it's a total pile of nonsense, you can't deny that following your horoscope is just a little bit addicting. On the surface you think it's ridiculous, but it's just so fun to leave your life decisions up to fate. If you can definitely relate to that feeling, don't worry—you're not alone.

Keep scrolling for nine memes you'll relate to if you love to hate astrology.

1. I am stressed:

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2. Thank you, we needed this:


3. It's still nice to hear:


4. It's so creepy how it just knows:


5. Maybe you do believe in it…:

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6. Aren't those the right words?

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7. Aw, thank you:


8. Just, wow:

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9.  Can't trust ourselves, might as well trust our horoscopes:


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