If You Love to Read, You'll Relate to These Truths

For the bookworms of the world, reading is so much more than a class requirement!

It's our entertainment, our escape, our obsession—seriously, we can't get enough of books.

Although not everyone has an authentic enthusiasm for books, if you absolutely love to read you'll relate to the 15 truths below:

1. Telling someone you like to read is nearly always met with raised eyebrows and a skeptical, "Really?" Yes really, reading is not that weird, people.

2. Unfortunately, people just don't understand your love of books, so you've been dubbed a "nerd" on more than one occasion.

3. Your nerd status may have bothered you at first, but you've realized that all your haters just have no idea what they're missing. Let them keep their TV shows, you would take a good book over a funny sitcom any day.

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4. Even though you know your books rock, your friends' lack of interest in reading means you have no one to talk to about your current novels.

5. So you've found yourself passing your books along to your friends hoping that maybe, just maybe, they'll give it a shot—but you are often disappointed. Some people just don't understand how fun it is to read.

6. When you do find someone who loves the same books as you, it's an instant friendship. Prepare for hours and hours of discussing your favorite novel.

7. Stepping inside a bookstore is a dangerous affair. You may plan for a five-minute trip, and suddenly an hour has passed and your arms are weighed down with all sorts of interesting reads.

8. Because you obviously can't leave a book behind, all of your money is spent feeding your reading addiction. Might as well just cancel all your plans for the rest of the month, you can't afford to spend time with friends anymore.

9. But honestly, cancelling plans isn't even that bad because now you have more time to read.

10. In fact, it's not uncommon for you to shirk your responsibilities in favor of finishing your newest novel. Homework? A job? A life? There's no time for these things when there are books to be read!

11. You love when your favorite books are turned into movies, but the filmmakers better watch out because you're their toughest critic. Leaving out a single moment or line is absolutely unacceptable.

12. Because you read so much, you know the difference between a good book and a bad book, and there is nothing worse than wasting your time reading a bad one. You'll never getting those hours of your life back.

13. Many of your daydreams are focused on inserting yourself into your favorite books. You may look absent-minded in class, but in reality you are fighting off dragons, catching criminals and meeting the love of your life. How can you be expected to focus on school with all of these things going on?

14. You feel a special sadness when you finish a book. No more adventures with your new favorite characters? It's inconceivable!

15. Nothing will ever take the place of books in your life. Friends may come and go, but books will always stay the same.


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